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What is Robaxin? How to Treat with Generic Methocarbamol.

Drug description:
Robaxin is a brand name owned by Pfizer and registered for Methocarbamol. Though the same medication is available under a variety of other names and made by different companies. It is a central-acting muscle relaxant that reduces the muscle spasms caused by various conditions or traumas and helps to get rid of paralyzing pain syndrome. Find out how to use the medication correctly and what you should avoid during the therapy to avoid doing any harm to your body from our guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Relieves Muscle Spasms and pain syndrome in various health conditions and traumas;
- Reduces Muscle Pain;
- Enhances Physical Therapy;
- Robaxin generally begins to work relatively quickly, providing relief from muscle spasms and pain;
- Especially effective for acute conditions, providing temporary relief during recovery from muscle injuries.
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Robaxin (Methocarbamol 500 mg)
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Generic Robaxin (Methocarbamol 500 mg) Medication guide:

What are the tablets sold under the name Robaxin?

Robaxin is one of the commercial names of the medical substance Methocarbamol. It was developed quite a long time ago and is used in a variety of medications either as a single active agent or along with other medical substances. It means, that you don’t necessarily need to spend money on the branded medicine but can buy Robaxin made by different manufacturers under a different name much cheaper.

The medication is a central-acting muscle relaxant that is effective in painful muscle spasms, for instance, lower back pain, and others. More precise indications can be found in the following section of this article.

When can you use Generic Robaxin?


The medication is a central-acting muscle relaxant that can be appointed for the facilitation of symptoms of such conditions as pathologically elevated muscle tone and spasms caused by the diseases of the central nervous system, for instance, multiple sclerosis, cerebral stroke,  etc.; muscle contractures that are caused by the illnesses such as spondylosis, arthrosis, and others; reconstructive therapy after an orthopedic surgery; in the complex therapy of obliterating vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetic angiopathy, and others; diseases caused by the disorder of vascular innervation  such as acrocyanosis, intermittent angioedema dysbasia, and others.

Before you buy Generic Robaxin, you need to know your precise diagnosis to know the reason for the muscle spasm and pain syndrome as they may require additional therapy besides the use of muscle relaxants.

What is the principle of action of Generic Robaxin?

The action of the preparation is due to the blocking of nerve impulses or painful sensations which are sent to the brain from the affected area. The mechanism of the medication’s effect is still not fully studied. Currently, it is believed that the suppression of the nerve impulses is due to the inhibition of carbonic anhydrase, a group of enzymes responsible for quick nerve signals transmission which act as catalysts for reactions.

Usually, the medication is used along with physiotherapy and muscle relaxation. Generic Robaxin helps to relax the muscles and eliminate pain and discomfort in them.

When is the use of Robaxin prohibited?

You should not buy Methocarbamol if you have ever used it or any other medicine with this substance in the composition and suffered from side effects, especially, from allergic reactions. The medication is also prohibited to be taken by children younger than sixteen years, pregnant and breastfeeding women as its safety in these groups of patients is not fully studied.

How to use Generic Robaxin pills?

Side effects

This guide provides the overall overview of the medication for information only. You need to consult a physician before you buy Generic Methocarbamol and start taking the pills. As for the dosages, they are the same regardless of whether you purchase the branded or generic medication.

The standard dose regimen for adults for the treatment of muscle spasm is 1500 mg taken four times a day in the acute muscle spasm. The high doses are taken only within first two to four days of the therapy. The maximum daily dose during these days is 8000 mg a day split into four intakes. Then, the dose must be lowered to the average 4000 or 4500 mg a day split into four intakes.

When the medication is appointed to be used intramuscularly (in injections), the dosing is 1000 mg injected every eight hours. The maximum dose injected a day must not exceed 3000 mg. The maximum treatment course with this dosing is three days (except for the therapy of tetanus).

This treatment course can be repeated after a break of two days if the condition of the patient didn’t improve sufficiently.

In some cases, it is advised to make a single injection and then continue the therapy with the oral tablets.

The standard treatment scheme for tetanus is not suitable for home treatment as it implies the administration of the suspension through the nasogastric tube. The dosage, method of administration, and the duration of the therapy is appointed and should be strictly supervised by a qualified healthcare provider.

The daily dosage for tetanus can be up to 24 000 mg a day.

Does generic Robaxin provide the same effect as the branded pills?


Generics are identical to the branded medications if they are approved and certified medicines. If they are allowed onto the market and their active agent name corresponds with the active substance on which the brand-name tablets are based, you can be sure that they are identical and you can without any doubts get the so-called generic instead of paying more money for the advertised name. But make sure to order Generic Robaxin from a reliable drugstore if you get it online. Check the reviews, the active agent, amount of the active substance per pill, and the expiry date.  If you cannot see these data on the product page, make sure to contact customer support and find all information out.

Some people say that generics are inferior but in fact, they could have simply purchased fake medicines, placebo, expire pills, or wrong dosage pills and the dose of the active substance they have taken a day was insufficient for their condition treatment. As you can see, these aspects are very important and you should pay attention to them to enjoy the best quality treatment at a low price.

We offer generic medicines that are made only the reputable generic drug makers and are willing to provide you with all needed information before you make an order. Do not hesitate to consult our pharmacists before you order Robaxin pills to be sure that you get the right drug, dosage, and to find out how you can additionally save with our discounts.

What adverse effects' development can Robaxin contribute to?


Like any other medication, Robaxin can contribute to the development of mild to severe adverse effects. You need to stop using the pills immediately and seek emergency help if you have any symptoms of an allergy to the drug such as hives, shortness of breath, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat.

You should also discontinue using the pills and consult your doctor if you developed flu-like symptoms, fever, seizures, jaundice, or slowed down heart rate.

The less dangerous or severe symptoms that can develop when you order Robaxin pills and start the therapy are sleepiness, confusion, dizziness, headache, impaired memory, loss of coordination, nausea, indigestion, temporarily impaired vision, insomnia, stuffy nose, heartburn, low blood pressure, and others.

Interactions of Robaxin with other substances

In this guide you can find the general warnings but you need to inform your doctor about all drugs that you use, plan to use, or just discontinued using when you plan to start using Methocarbamol as your doctor should assess all risks and advise you on the safe and unsafe combinations.

If you order Methocarbamol when you already take any medicines that cause sleepiness, be prepared that their simultaneous use can enhance this effect and you should refrain from driving or operating any machinery during the therapy. The medicines that fall into this group are sleeping pills, drugs included in the narcotics group, muscle relaxants, sedatives or medications for anxiety, depression.

It is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages during the therapy with the drug as it can elevate the risk of such side effects onset as sleepiness and slowing down of the reaction.

What should you do if you miss the dose?

If you forgot to take the pill, take it as soon as you remembered unless it’s time for the next intake. Do not take double doses.

What can happen if you overdose with Methocarbamol?

If you take an increased dose of the medication you can develop severe drowsiness, fainting, or convulsions.

If you realized that you overdosed within an hour after the medication intake, induce vomiting and take activated carbon. If the symptoms still develop and/or are severe, seek emergency help.


Before you order Generic Methocarbamol, inform your doctor if you suffer from myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes progressive weakness of the muscles.

Remember that during the therapy, after the use of the max dosages for two-three days, the lowering of the dosage sometimes is appointed. Try to follow the instructions of your doctor and consult him or her if you have forgotten how and when to take the pills.

Where can buy Robaxin tablets?

How to buy Generic Robaxin online?

If you have a prescription, you can get the branded medication and sometimes the generic version at your local drugstore or order Generic Robaxin without a prescription from our online pharmacy and significantly save on the therapy.

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