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What is Ditropan? How to Treat with Generic Oxybutynin.

Drug description:
Ditropan is a brand name used by a single company for the medication made by numerous companies under the name of Oxybutynin. It is a medication that relaxes the muscles of the bladder and prevents bedwetting and urinary incontinence. It can be used in adults, elderly patients, and children aged older than five years. Find out how to use the medication safely from our complete guide below.
Ditropan (Oxybutynin 2.5 mg)
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Generic Ditropan (Oxybutynin 2.5 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Ditropan (Oxybutynin 2.5 mg):

What is the drug sold under the trade name Ditropan?

The name Ditropan is nothing more than a registered trademark for the product included in the list of internationally used and approved medicines called Oxybutynin. The registered trademark means that this particular name can be used by a certain pharmaceutical company exclusively, though, the same medication can be made by different manufacturers and sold under different names. To find a cheaper analog of the same drug you should look for Generic Ditropan. It is a term used to help customers find the same medicines from other manufacturers without knowing their names.

The active substance is used in urology to treat frequent urination and urinary incontinence.

What is the principle of Ditropan action?

You can buy Ditropan to treat urinary incontinence as the medication renders direct spasmolytic (antispasmodic) effect on the detrusor smooth muscle fibers, as well as anticholinergic action, blocking the effect of acetylcholine on smooth muscle M-cholinergic receptors. These properties cause relaxation of the detrusor of the bladder. In patients with unstable bladder, it increases the volume of the bladder and reduces the frequency of spontaneous detrusor contractions.

After the oral intake of the pills, the active ingredient is promptly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum level of the medication in the blood is documented within one hour after the dose intake. The maximum effect on the bladder is observed within two to three hours after the pill intake. The overall time of the medication action is 10 hours.

The therapeutic effect can be evaluated on the eighths day of the treatment. In elderly patients who lead an active life the medication isn’t accumulated in the body and is metabolized as in younger adults. Although in older weak patients the metabolism and excretion of the medication are slowed down.

The medication is mainly metabolized in the liver and intestines with the help of enzymes found in these organs. The excretion way is through kidneys in urine.

When you buy Generic Ditropan for the first time, you should know that during the therapy with the medication it is not recommended to drive vehicles and engage in any activity that requires increased attention and focus as they can be lowered by such side effects of the drug as dizziness and vision impairment. Besides, during the heat, the use of the medication can contribute to the development of fiver and heart weakness (decreased sweating) against Oxybutynin use.

When can you buy Oxybutynin?

The medication is appointed for frequent urination in unstable bladder function due to neurogenic bladder dysfunction (hyperreflexia detrusor), which is observed in diseases such as multiple sclerosis and spina bifida, or due to the idiopathic instability of detrusor function (motor urinary incontinence). It can be also prescribed to control bladder hyperactivity that occurs after a surgery on the bladder or prostate gland or with concomitant cystitis.

The medication can be also used in children for urinary incontinence, imperative urges, or frequent urination in unstable bladder function due to idiopathic hyperactivity of the bladder or neurogenic bladder dysfunction (detrusor hyperactivity), nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) associated with detrusor hyperactivity, in combination with non-drug treatment or in case of ineffectiveness of other therapy.

In case you suffer from frequent urination or urges to urinate, make sure to undergo necessary examination before you buy Oxybutynin to find out the reason behind these symptoms instead of simply suppressing them.

Is it suitable to use Generic Ditropan in a place of the brand-name drug?

There are no reasons for you not to get a generic version of the preparation which is greatly cheaper than the branded one. These drugs are identical with the only difference that they are made by different manufacturers. The generic medications are as well as the branded ones thoroughly tested and approved to be sold only if they correspond to the claimed properties and formula. But to be sure that you are getting the original medication and not a counterfeit product, buy Generic Oxybutynin from a reliable seller like our online pharmacy. We guarantee the compliance of all generics that we sell with the original formulas and properties of the branded drugs as we work only with the reputable producers such as Cipla, Aventis, Ranbaxy, and others.

In what cases the medication must not be used?

It is contraindicated to use Oxybutynin if you are hypersensitive to the substance or any other additional component of the pills, in myasthenia gravis; narrow-angle glaucoma or small anterior chamber of the eye; patients with fever or at elevated ambient temperatures, because of the risk of provoking hyperpyrexia; children younger than five years, esophageal dysfunction, including hernia of the esophageal opening; functional or organic gastrointestinal obstruction, including pyloric stenosis, paralytic intestinal obstruction, intestinal atony; patients with ileostomy, colostomy, toxic megacolon; severe ulcerative colitis; patients with obstruction of the urinary tract, when the delay of urination may worsen, for example, with prostatic hypertrophy.

If you are not sure whether the medication is safe for you or not, make sure to talk to a healthcare provider before you order Ditropan from our online pharmacy as although we sell it without a prescription, for your safety it would be wiser that a doctor assesses your condition preliminarily.

Can Ditropan or its generic cause adverse effects?

All medications without an exception can cause the occurrence of negative symptoms besides the positive ones. Using Ditropan or its generic you can start experiencing dryness of the mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating, lowered peristalsis of the bowel and gastric motility, difficulty urinating, rapid heartbeat, weakness, dizziness, sleepiness or insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, increase of the intraocular pressure, vision impairment, reduced sweating, allergic reactions, and others.

If the negative symptoms you experience are severe, make sure to consult your healthcare provider about them and whether it is reasonable to take the medication for you further or not.

How to use Generic Ditropan?

The pills are taken orally. They can be split into two equal parts.

The usual daily dosage for adults is 10-15 mg a day split into two or three intakes. The dose can be raised to 20 mg split into four intakes if the effect of the standard dose is insufficient but the medication is well tolerated.
In people of elderly age the time the medication is washed out of the body is increased so it is recommended to take 2.5 mg two times a day. The dose can be raised to 5 mg twice a day if the drug is well tolerated but the effect is insufficient.

You can order Generic Ditropan for children aged five or more years for neurogenic instability of the bladder and nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). The usual dose is 2.5 mg taken twice a day. The dose can be raised to 5 mg twice or thrice a day if the drug is well tolerated but the effect is insufficient. For the treatment of nocturnal enuresis, the last dosage should be taken before sleep.

The medication is contraindicated to be administered to children younger than five years. The use of the medication in children aged over five years should be still made cautiously as they can be more sensitive to the effects of Ditropan and especially the side effects affecting the central nervous system and mental health.

The medication must be cautiously used in neurocirculatory dystonia, diseases of liver and kidneys, hyperthyroidism, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, tachycardia, arrhythmias, hypertension, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, diarrhea, and in people of elderly age.

Can the medication be safely used with other drugs?

Before you order Oxybutynin, you should talk to your healthcare provider about the possibility of the combination of this drug with other substances that you use.

These are one of the most prominent negative interactions:
- The risk of fainting exists in the combination of Oxybutynin with Lisuride;
- Ditropan must be cautiously used with other anticholinergic drugs because of the risk of enhancement of the anticholinergic effect;
- The medication must be cautiously used with the following drugs as they can enhance the negative effects of it: phenothiazine, amantadine, neuroleptics such as butyrophenones, clozapine and others, second anticholinergic, antiparkinsonian drugs (eg, biperiden, levodopa), antihistamines, quinidine, digitalis preparations, tricyclic antidepressants, atropine and related compounds such as atropine antispasmodics, and dipyridamole;
- Alcohol intake during the therapy with the drug can enhance sleepiness caused by the drug.

Overdose of Ditropan

The symptoms of an overdose are anxiety, tremor, irritability, seizures, confusion, hallucinations, face reddening, fever, nausea, and others. A severe overdose can cause coma.

The first measure is to induce vomiting and take activated carbon or laxatives. Then, you should seek medical assistance if the symptoms still develop as you may need gastric lavage, and symptomatic treatment at a hospital to prevent severe health damage.

Where to buy Ditropan?

You can get the pills at your local drugstores or order Generic Oxybutynin at our pharmacy and save a significant amount of money.

Shipping of Ditropan

You can order the medication wherever you live without any worries – we ship our products internationally.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Oxybutynin online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Oxybutynin arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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