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Effective Seizure and Nerve Pain Relief with Neurontin

Drug description:
Generic Neurontin is not different from the branded medicine in terms of effect, composition, and safety. Different are only the names on the package and the prices. The medicines are based on Gabapentin and are used for the therapy of epilepsy as well as neuropathic pain in different conditions. The medications can be used in adults and children older than 6 years of age. More detailed information on the dosage regimens, special dosage adjustments, contraindications, and so on can be found in our comprehensive preparation guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Reduces the pain syndrome in seizures and neuralgia;
- Lowers the frequency and intensity of seizures in epilepsy.
Gabacap, Gabapin, Gabator, Gabin, Aclonium.
Neurontin (Gabapentin 300 mg)
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Order Neurontin (Gabapentin 300 mg)

Dosage:300 mg
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Generic Neurontin (Gabapentin 300 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Neurontin (Gabapentin 300 mg):

What is the medication that is sold as Generic Neurontin?

If you know the medication called Neurontin, probably your health care provider prescribed you the medicine. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy Neurontin only. It is simply a brand name that is owned by the large pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The same medicine which is internationally known as Gabapentin is sold under a variety of different trade names. These medicines are collectively called Generic Gabapentin or Generic Neurontin. The second name can be used for convenience of people who know only the brand name and do not know the name of the main agent but are looking for the cheaper version of the medicine.

For the first time, the preparation with the active substance Gabapentin was used in 1993. Currently, it is manufactured by different drug makers and is used for the management of epilepsy and neuropathic pain, for example, in diabetic neuropathy or postherpetic neuralgia in adults.

The cost of the treatment with a generic version of the medicine is up to five times lower than with the branded medicine. Moreover, in some countries even generics are expensive so the best way to obtain the medication cheaper is to get it from a developing country from an online drugstore.

Does the cheaper price of the generic mean that it is of inferior quality?

No. Generic medications are approved and even promoted by the World Health Organization. They are made as a solution for people with lower incomes and people from the developing world to get the most modern and efficient treatment at the prices they can afford. If before the creation of generics people had only two options - buy expensive branded medicines or previous generation less effective and safe medicines, nowadays anyone can benefit from the most innovative and safe medicines at an affordable price through the use of generics.

If you believe that it is dangerous to buy Generic Neurontin instead of the branded medicine, it is most likely because your doctor told you so. You should know that doctors receive their commissions from every prescription given for a branded medicine. They do not get their rewards from the manufacturers of generics which is why they are not likely to recommend their patients the cheaper options of treatment. Besides, not a single generic medication with the indicated active substance on the package can be released onto the market without prior being approved. This means that all of the medicines undergo testing for quality standards, effectiveness, and of course, safety for use. Although you may end up buying a placebo or an inferior medicine if you chose an unknown seller, who offers the drug at the price several times cheaper than other online drugstores. To avoid such situations, buy Generic Gabapentin and other generics that you need from reputable online pharmacies like ours who have positive reviews and operate for a long time already.

Who needs to use Generic Neurontin?

The primary indication for the use of the preparation is epilepsy. It is used as an additional medicine for partial seizures in adults and children older than 6 years. It can be also used for the same conditions in monotherapy.

The preparation is also used for peripheral neuropathic pain, for example, in diabetic neuropathy and postherpetic (after shingles) neuralgia.

If you have any of these diagnoses, you can buy Gabapentin and start using it in accordance with the official instruction right away but we highly recommend you to consult your healthcare provider first to be sure that the preparation is safe for you and that it won’t interfere with the other medicines prescribed for your condition.

Who must not use this medication?

It is contraindicated only in the allergy or intolerance to the preparation’s components. However, it is highly not endorsed to be used during pregnancy unless the expected benefit for the mother exceeds the risk to the fetus. It is also highly not recommended to use the pills in children younger than three years of age.

How do Gabapentin pills are recommended to be used?

On this web page, you can order Neurontin tablets. This form of the preparation can be taken entirely without chewing with or without food with sufficient amount of water.

For all therapies in adults and kids twelve years old and above, the treatment start is made following this scheme: 1st day – 300 mg taken once daily, 2nd day – 300 mg two times daily, 3rd day – 300 mg 3 times daily.

If you need to cancel the therapy, it should be made through the gradual reduction of the dosage during a week minimum.

Epilepsy treatment

The therapy is a continuous one. The dosage is chosen by the health care provider depending on the personal tolerability and effectiveness for the patient.

The recommended dosages are the following:
- For adults and kids older than twelve years of age, the optimal dosages are in the spectrum from 900 mg to 3600 mg a day. The start of the therapy and the dosage increase rate is described above. After the third day of the therapy, the dosage can be elevated by 300 mg every 2-3 days until the maximum dosage of 3600 mg a day;
- Some groups of patients may require a lower increase of dosages, i.e. the dosage increase should be made either with the lower new doses or with bigger intervals between the increases. The shortest time for the achievement of the dose of 1800 mg daily is one week. For 2400 mg per day it is two weeks. For the dosage of 3600 mg it is three weeks;
- The daily dosage must be split into three equal intakes with less than 12-hour intervals between them for the more uniform effectiveness of the medication;
- Children from the age of six to twelve years need to be given the medication dosage calculated based on their weight. It should constitute 10-15 mg per kilogram of the body weight a day for the first three weeks. Next, in the good tolerance, it can be raised to 25-35 mg per kilogram of the body weight a day;
- The daily dosage must be split into three equal intakes with less than 12-hour intervals between them for the more uniform effectiveness of the medication.

Peripheral neuropathic pain

The medication is used in adults only for this condition. For the first days of treatment, the dose regimen is the same as for epilepsy. Subsequently, depending on the tolerability and effectiveness the dosage can be elevated by 300 mg every two-three days till the max of 3600 mg daily.

Dosage adjustments for people with renal dysfunction

People with kidney dysfunction require adjustments of the dosage regimens based on creatinine clearance rate:
- Creatinine clearance below the norm but more or equal to 80 ml per minute – 900-3600 mg a day.
- Creatinine clearance 50-79 ml per minute – 600-1800 mg daily.
- Creatinine clearance 30-49 ml per minute – 300-900 mg daily.
- Creatinine clearance 15-29 ml per minute – 150-600 mg daily.
- Creatinine clearance less than 15 ml per minute – 150-300 mg daily.

Possible adverse reactions

When you order Generic Neurontin you should be prepared that you may suffer from several negative effects such as dizziness, general weakness, sleepiness, impaired muscle coordination, swelling, tremor, and others. It is also possible that the medication would cause erectile dysfunction or enhance suicidal tendencies therefore it is not endorsed to be used in people with clinical depression with suicidal element.

If you suffer from the described above or other negative symptoms and believe that they are associated with the medicine, you should inform your health care provider without a delay.


The signs are dizziness, sleepiness, confusion, and others. These symptoms can occur in an incorrectly raised dosage. The treatment includes symptomatic treatment, i.e. measures to cope with the arising symptoms.


The medication can negatively interplay with certain substances and drugs. For instance, its negative effect on the central nervous system and likelihood of adverse reactions elevates in combined use with alcohol or other medicines that influence the CNS. Also, in combined use with antacids, it is recommended to take Generic Neurontin pills not sooner than 2 hours later after antacids as they greatly reduce the absorption of the medicine.

If you use any medicines at the time you plan to order Gabapentin and plan to start using it, make sure to discuss it with your health care provider to be sure that you will do no harm to your body.

Where to buy Neurontin online?

Considering that the therapy with the preparation is usually a long-term one and the price gap in different countries can be drastic, it is reasonable to order Generic Gabapentin from our online drugstore. First of all, we sell the medication at an affordable price which is lower than the regular drugstores offer. Secondly, we sell the pills over-the-counter.

Shipping of Neurontin

It doesn’t matter where you live, we will ship your order to any country and city of the world. In order to get an estimation of the delivery cost, please enter your address details in the order form.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Gabapentin online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Gabapentin arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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