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Effective Seizure and Migraine Prevention with Topamax Topiramate

Drug description:
Generic Topamax is an anticonvulsant medication not different from the branded medicine Topamax in terms of effect, safety, and dosage regimens. It differs only in price. The drug can be used in children older than 3 years of age, in some cases, only in children older than 6 years of age. The age limitations depend on the combination with other medications and conditions that accompany epilepsy treated with Generic Topamax. To find out more information about the medication uses, regimens of intake, precautions, and so on, please read our article.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Helps to reduce the number and intensity of seizures in epilepsy;
- Helps preventing migraines.
Topaz, Topirol, Tipiramate.
Topamax (Topiramate 25 mg)
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Order Topamax (Topiramate 25 mg)

Dosage:25 mg
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Generic Topamax (Topiramate 25 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Topamax (Topiramate 25 mg):

What is Generic Topamax? Is it different from the branded medicine?

Topamax is a branded anticonvulsant preparation. The brand under which the medicine is marketed is owned by a certain pharmaceutical company. Though the same medications based on the active ingredient Topiramate are produced also by other pharmaceutical companies that make the medication more affordable for people from different social clusters.

The active agent of the medication was first discovered in 1979 but the medications based on it were first approved by the American FDA in 1996 only. However, since it’s been a while after the formula was discovered and the exclusive patent for production had expired long ago, the medication is nowadays available in form of generics all around the world. The medications are identical in the effect, composition, safety to the patients, and so on. But the prices differ dramatically. Generics are greatly cheaper because their manufacturers mostly operate and market their medicines in the developed world where the drugs prices as in the U.S. wouldn’t find its consumers. However, currently, generics are also available in the U.S. too. But still, their prices are much higher than the prices of the same medications in the developing world. If you want to save on the therapy but enjoy the best effect, there is no need to use the medicines from the previous generations, you can buy Generic Topamax from our online pharmacy and get the best treatment cheap.

Is there a difference between the quality of the branded medicine and generic?

Many people wonder why generics are so much cheaper than the branded medicines. They think that the price of the analogs indicates their inferior quality. In fact, it is not so at all.

You should not think about the generics as about the fake products. They are all manufactured legally and using the same materials as the branded medicines. All legally manufactured medications are tested and inspected before they are available at the drugstores. But why they are so cheap then, you may ask. There are several reasons that do not influence the quality of the preparations. First of all, their manufacturers do not develop their own medications but use already created formulas. Secondly, they do not advertise or promote their medicines among doctors like the large brands do. Thirdly, they are oriented on the developing markets where people have lower solvency and at the same time the production cost and labor force cost are quite low.

When you need to buy Topiramate?

The medication is primarily prescribed for partial seizures and primary generalized ones in epilepsy. It is also used in combined therapy of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and in migraines.

The medication can be used in children older than 3 years of age in some conditions.

If you are not sure in the diagnosis, it is crucial to consult a specialist before you buy Topamax. The most common and pronounced symptoms of epilepsy are seizures with or without loss of consciousness. However, the symptoms can be less pronounced, for instance, an individual can have twitching of facial muscles, a sharp drop in muscle tone or, on the contrary, a sharp contraction of all muscles, then they freeze for some moments in a certain pose. These attacks can be with or without loss of consciousness or be accompanied with absence, i.e. short period of time about which an individual don’t have any memory. Usually, the first signs of epilepsy of any kind start to manifest at preschool age.

For whom the medicine is contraindicated?

Although the conditions treated with the medicine are of life-threatening character, there are still cases in which it cannot be used. You should not buy Topiramate and use it if you are pregnant, breastfeed, or are allergic to the medication, i.e. have previously used it and had any allergic reactions afterward.

It is contraindicated to use the medication for monotherapy of epilepsy in children younger than 6 years of age and as a part of complex therapy in children younger than 3 years of age.

The active substance is also contraindicated for women of childbearing age without the use of contraception as it can cause severe damage to the potentially conceived baby.

Besides the strict contraindications, the preparation is also advised to be very cautiously used in people with any dysfunctions of liver or kidneys, hypercalciuria, nephrolithiasis, and predisposition to it.

How does the medication act?

The anticonvulsant effect of the medication is explained by the ability of the substance to block the calcium channels in neurons and suppress the potentials of repeated actions in depolarization of the cell membranes for a long time.

How to use Topiramate?

Although here you can find the regular dosages, before you buy Generic Topiramate make sure to discuss the dosage regimens and treatment duration with your doctor.

The pills can be taken with or without food in the following manner:


Adults should start the treatment from the daily dosage of 25 mg. For children the dosage is 0.5-1 mg per kilogram of the body weight one time a day. The pills should be taken before sleep. The dosages are subsequently increased with the intervals of 7-14 days. For adults, the dosage increase is made with 25 mg or 50 mg per time, for children the increase of the dosage is made with 0.5-1 mg per kilogram of the body weight per titration (dosage increase). The dosages the increase is aimed for are: for adults 100-200 mg a day, for children 100 mg a day. The maximum dosage for adults is 500 mg.

Combination therapy

The starting dosage for adults is 25-50 mg, for children – 5-9 mg per kilogram of the body weight. In a week, the dosage is increased by 25-50 mg in adults and by 1-3 mg in children. The optimal daily dosage is 200-400 mg for adults and 30 mg per kilogram of the body weight for children.

Migraine therapy is made with 100 mg daily.

The withdrawal from the therapy is made with gradual decrease of the dosage.

Adverse effects of Topiramate

Such potent medications as this anticonvulsant are frequently able to render negative effects along with the positive ones. They include rhinitis, pharyngitis, depression, loss of appetite, diarrhea, anorexia, drowsiness, mental retardation, vertigo, speech, memory, taste, coordination and attention dysfunction, insomnia, dysarthria, dizziness, hypoesthesia, nystagmus, tremor, nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

You can also develop certain untypical symptoms or allergic reactions in which the immediate stop of the therapy should be made. Therefore, in the occurrence of any adverse reactions you need to call or visit your doctor for guidelines on what to do to minimize or avoid them.

Overdose with Topamax

The use of an increased dosage of the medication can contribute to the occurrence of seizures, agitation, confusion, violation of coordination, speech and vision, dizziness, low blood pressure, depression, and pain in the abdomen.

The first thing you should do is vomit. If it’s not enough, gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy, and even hemodialysis are prescribed.

Negative interactions with other drugs

Make sure to check that you don’t use any of these medications at the time you order Topamax with the plans of starting the therapy right away:
- Valproic acid. The combined use can cause the development of hyperammonemia with encephalopathy and hypothermia;
- Carbamazepine, St. John's wort and Phenytoin lower the effectiveness of the medication by 40-50%;
- Any medications and substances that depress central nervous system including alcohol enhance the drug’s negative effect on the CNS;
- Lithium. Generic Topamax lowers the effect of Lithium;
- Glibenclamide. The effectiveness of glibenclamide is reduced with Topiramate. If the medications are used together, the blood sugar must be monitored.

Where to buy Topamax?

The pills should be taken continuously. It means that you need to buy them every month. In order to save, you can order Generic Topamax at our online pharmacy. Besides saving on the pills, you will be able to save also on the visits to your doctor as we sell the medication without prescriptions.

Shipping of Topamax

We ship all medications available at our drugstore to all corners of the world. It doesn’t matter whether in our country they are sold with a prescription or not – we discretely package the pills.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Topiramate online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Topiramate arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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