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Effective Depression Treatment with Pamelor Nortriptyline

Drug description:
Generic Pamelor is a cheaper version of the branded antidepressant Pamelor. The cheaper price of the medication is due to the less advertised name and not the lower quality. The medication is based on the same formula and the active agent as the branded preparation, Nortriptyline. The main indication for the drug use is a major depressive disorder but it is also used for social anxiety, neurologic pain syndrome, and night enuresis in children older than seven years. The therapy with the medication requires certain adjustments based on age and accompanying conditions. Get all information you need before starting the therapy from our complete medication description.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Helps to relieve depression and other mental conditions symptoms and prevent relapses.
Acetexa, Allegron, Altilev, Ateben, Avantyl, Aventyl, Desitriptilina, Noramitriptyline, Noritren, Norzepine, Primox, Psychostyl, Sensaval, Vividyl
Pamelor (Nortriptyline 25 mg)
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Generic Pamelor (Nortriptyline 25 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Pamelor (Nortriptyline 25 mg):

What is the drug you can buy as Generic Pamelor?

If you know the medication under the name Pamelor, probably you reside in the U.S. or the UK because this brand name is commonly distributed and promoted namely in those countries. In other countries, the medication is mostly known as Nortriptyline by the name of the active substance or other trade names.

The preparation is a tricyclic antidepressant medication discovered and approved in 1963 in the U.S. Since then, it became widely used and manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies around the world. However, the brand name Pamelor cannot be used by all those manufacturers because it would infringe the copyrights. Instead, they are obliged to come up with different names. You can find the medication under names Acetexa, Avantyl, Aventyl, Desitriptilina, Noritren, Primox, Psychostyl, Sensaval, and many others. However, you don’t need to remember these trademarks as you can easily find the preparation you need looking for Pamelor or Generic Nortriptyline instead. These are the names introduced by the World Health Organization who promotes the spread of cheaper analogs of the most important medications. These names cannot be registered but any pharmacist and doctor know them and they will instantly understand what medications you are talking about if you ask for generics.

You can buy Pamelor much cheaper than the branded medication. The cheaper price makes generics very attractive for customers from all countries regardless of the general wealth of the country as in the developed, rich countries all medications are quire significantly overpriced.

Why is the branded medication so much more expensive than the generic version?

If you are confused by a low price of generics and suspect that this is because of their low quality, do not be. Generics are as cheap as branded medicines should be because the production of the pills isn’t expensive. The most expensive factors that can make medications expensive are the high cost of the research and intensive promotion. Considering that Nortriptyline was discovered nearly 55 years ago, the cost of the research paid off many times. But brand drug makers still promote their medication investing millions every year to make people believe with the help of doctors that only the large pharmaceutical companies and brand drugs are effective and worth the money spend on them.

Generic medications, on the contrary, are not advertised. People usually look for them as a replacement of the expensive medication their doctor appointed them so they don’t need promotion. This lets generic preparation manufacturers add low margins on their products and offer you to buy Generic Nortriptyline cheap.

When should I buy Generic Pamelor?

The main indication for the medication use is a major depressive disorder. However, the pills are commonly appointed for other conditions too including nocturnal enuresis in children, panic disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, anxiety, neurological pain, and so on.

Although the medication can be used for different conditions, we strongly advise you to discuss the use of the medication with your doctor if he or she didn’t tell you to buy Pamelor, i.e. if you make a self-diagnosis and want to use medication at your own discretion because you believe it would be effective in your case. You should know that there are several groups of antidepressants and all of them are used for different conditions, i.e. a major depression accompanied by anxiety or, on the contrary, by apathy, and these conditions require different accompanying effects from antidepressants. Without a proper diagnosis and use of antidepressants without a therapist’s recommendation and control, you can only worsen your condition.

When is Pamelor contraindicated to be used?

You should not buy Nortriptyline if you have allergy to one or several components of the medication (it can be identified if you started using the pills and developed rash or other side effects), after a myocardial infarction or if you suffer from any block or violation of the heart rhythm, as well as coronary artery disease.

The preparation is also not advised to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women if only the expected benefit from the medication wouldn’t outweigh the potential risk.

Contraindicated combinations

The preparation is contraindicated to be used at the same time with MAO inhibitors. The interval between the therapies should be no less than 14 days.

The undesirable combinations are with sympathomimetic medications (epinephrine, ephedrine, isoprenaline, norepinephrine, phenylephrine, and others); adrenergic neuron blockers (guanethidine, betanidine, reserpine, Clonidine, methyldopa, and others); anticholinergics; preparations that contribute to the QT interval elongation; antifungal medications (fluconazole and terbinafine); any medications that depress the central nervous system including alcohol.

How to use Generic Pamelor?

If your therapists told you how to use the branded medication, you should follow these recommendations regardless of the commercial name of the medication when you order Generic Pamelor as long as the active substance is Nortriptyline and the dosage per pill coincides with the prescribed dosages.

Otherwise, you can follow these recommendations provided in the official label:
- The therapy must be started with the low dosages with the subsequent increase if the effect if insufficient and the medication is well-tolerated. The starting dosage for adults is 25 mg taken three times a day. If necessary, it can be increased by 25 mg in a day till the daily dosage of 150 mg is achieved. The dosages higher than 150 mg are not recommended to be used at home. The maintenance dosages for the prevention of relapses are the minimum effective ones. The stable therapeutic effect is usually observed 2-4 weeks into the therapy. The therapy duration should be at least six months (sometimes, it can be several years) after the symptoms elimination to prevent relapses;
- The therapy of chronic pain syndrome is made with 25 mg taken before sleep. The dosage can be gradually increased in good tolerance and insufficient effect to 100 mg taken before sleep;
- The treatment of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children is made in the following way: children aged 7-12 years should be administered 25 mg, from 12 years they are administered 50 mg. The pills should be given one hour before sleep. The duration of the therapy should not exceed three months;
- The discontinuation of the therapy should be made through the gradual reduction of the dosages.

Dosage adjustments

People aged 65 years and older should start the therapy with the dosages lowered by 50% with the gradual increase till the minimum effective dosage that doesn’t exceed 100-150 mg a day.

People with mild to moderate kidney function impairment do not require dosage adjustments. People with severe dysfunction should follow their doctor’s recommendations.

People with impaired liver function should use reduced dosages based on the severity of the condition.

Possible adverse reactions of Generic Pamelor

When you order Pamelor, you should know that the therapy with the pills can cause certain negative symptoms. Some of them are tremor, headache, inability to focus, constipation, and lowered libido. However, these symptoms can be also a manifestation of depression but if you start suffering from any malaise and attribute it to the therapy you should immediately inform your therapist.

Overdose detection and treatment

An overdose of the medication, especially if the drug is combined with alcohol, can lead to irreversible health damage or even death. The symptoms are dizziness, sleepiness, or on the contrary, agitation, and hallucinations. Sometimes it can occur without any symptoms but still require the induction of vomiting, intake of activated carbon or other sorbents and hospitalization for the monitoring of vital functions and symptomatic therapy if needed.

Where to buy Pamelor?

In some countries it is a prescription-only drug while in others it can be bought over-the-counter. Notably, where it is sold without Rx, the medication is cheaper. We offer you to order Generic Nortriptyline at a low price and without a prescription from a doctor so you could save your money both on the pills and the visits to your therapist for a prescription.

Pamelor shipping

We ship internationally. You can choose either standard (cheaper) or express shipping to any country, city, or town of the world.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Nortriptyline online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Nortriptyline arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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