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What is Effexor? How to Treat with Generic Venlafaxine.

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Generic Effexor is the same medication as the branded drug but made by another pharmaceutical company. The medication is an antidepressant of a new generation that causes fewer side effects and is used in a variety of conditions including depression of various cause, anxiety, neurological pain, and so on. The drug is highly advised to be taken under a supervision of a therapist. Find out more detailed information about Generic Effexor from our complete article based on FAQ.
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- Helps to treat and prevent relapses of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.
Venlor, Ventab, Elafax, Venlafaxina
Effexor (Venlafaxine 37.5 mg)
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Generic Effexor (Venlafaxine 37.5 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Effexor (Venlafaxine 37.5 mg):

What is the preparation named Generic Effexor?

The preparation familiar to patients from the U.S. and some other countries mostly as Effexor is marketed internationally under a variety of trade names. The reason is that there is no a single company that has an exclusive patent for the medication production because the patent of the inventor has already expired.

The active substance of the medication marketed as Effexor is called Venlafaxine. Its inventors filed for the approval and first presented the preparation in 1993. Generic Venlafaxine is included in the class of selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor antidepressants. It is appointed in a number of conditions such as depression of different etiology (cause), generalized anxiety, social phobias, panic disorder, and others.

The other versions of the preparation which in fact are the same medication simply made by other pharmaceutical companies who cannot use the advertised name Effexor are called Generic Effexor or Generic Venlafaxine. These terms were introduced by the World Health Organization to help customers find cheaper versions of the medicines easily knowing either only a brand of the drug or the name of its active substance. All of these medications have their own registered trade names but the collective names are used for convenience. The same brand name for the preparation cannot be used because it would infringe the copyrights.

Why is the generic cheaper than the branded medicine?

People look for a way to buy Generic Effexor instead of the branded medicine for a simple reason – the medication with a less advertised name is less expensive. If you still doubt whether you should use the branded medication or a generic, let us explain what generics are and why they are no way inferior to the branded medications.

Generic medicines are promoted by the World Health Organization. Their main purpose is to make the most modern, effective, and safe treatment affordable and available for everyone. Considering that the majority of modern medications are invented in the developed countries, the cost of research and the subsequent commercial price of the drug are incompatible with the average incomes of people from the developing countries. Besides, a single manufacturer with an exclusive patent for the production of a certain medication simply cannot satisfy the world’s demand for this drug. Generic drug makers not only make the same medications and price them cheaper so that people from the developing countries would be able to afford the most modern medicines but also help satisfy the demand for such drugs in the developed countries where the branded drug maker cannot supply sufficient amount of medications.

The cheaper price of the generic isn’t caused by the low quality of the pills. It is explained by the lower production costs, lack of advertising and research expenses.  Thereby, you can buy Generic Venlafaxine and use it without any worries and doubts in the same manner as you would use the branded medicine.

When should I buy Effexor?

Considering that at an online pharmacy you can purchase the preparation without a prescription, you can follow the instruction and not your therapist suggestions on the medicines for your therapy. However, we still recommend you to consult a specialist before you order Effexor without a prescription.
The official instruction for the medication says that it is used for the therapy and prophylaxis of depression relapses, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobias, and panic disorders. However, some therapists also prescribe this medication for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, as well as migraines prevention.

Please note that mental disorders can be of different severity and require qualified assessment of a health care specialist before any medications are taken. Even in the similar symptoms or similarly called conditions the treatment can drastically differ and incorrectly chosen treatment can only worsen the condition.

When shouldn't I buy Generic Effexor?

The pills are contraindicated to be taken by people who have allergic reactions or severe side effects from the medication use. It is also contraindicated to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The limitations in use comprise recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina, fluctuations of arterial pressure (blood pressure), elevated intraocular pressure, angle-closure glaucoma, manic conditions (including history), body weight below the norm, renal or liver dysfunction, age under 18 years.

How to use Generic Effexor?

If you order Generic Effexor because your therapist gave you a prescription for this antidepressant, you should follow your therapist’s recommendations. It is better to use any preparation following a health care provider’s instruction than the official general instruction. However, in this article, we provide the information from the label for Effexor so you could get an idea how the medication is regularly used and what dosages are considered safe.

The pills should be taken with food preferably at the same time every day. The pills must not be chewed but swallowed entirely with sufficient amount of water.

The advised initial daily dosage for adults is 75 mg split into two intakes. If the effect is insufficient but the medication is well tolerated, the dosage can be subsequently gradually increased to 150 mg a day split into two intakes. If this dosage is also insufficient, it can be raised to the maximum of 225 mg a day split into two intakes but only if the medication is well tolerated and no side effects occur. The dosage increase by 75 mg a time should be made only after a therapist approval and with intervals of two weeks and more. If there is a clinical necessity, the dosages can be elevated more frequently but not more frequently than every four days.

In a hospital and under a doctor’s supervision, the maximum dosage can be elevated to 375 mg a day split into two-three intakes. However, after the desired effect is achieved, the daily dosage must be gradually reduced to the minimum effective one.

The maintenance therapy to prevent relapses can last for six or more months. The dosages for this period should be reduced to the minimum effective ones.

Dosage adjustments of Effexor

People with mild renal dysfunction with creatinine clearance not lower than 30 ml per minute do not require dosage reductions.

People with moderate renal dysfunction with creatinine clearance between 10 and 30 ml per minute should take the dosages reduced by 25-50% and take it once a day without dividing the daily dosage.

People with severe renal dysfunction with creatinine clearance lower than 10 ml per minute are not recommended to use the medications.

People who undergo hemodialysis are advised to take 50% of the standard dosages. The daily dosage should be taken once a day after hemodialysis.

People with kidney failure of mild severity do not require dosage adjustments.

People with moderate liver failure should take 50% or less of the daily dosage.

People with severe liver failure are not advised to use the medication.

Adverse reactions that can be caused by Generic Effexor

It doesn’t matter whether you buy Effexor or its generic the likelihood of adverse reactions is the same. The most common negative effects caused by the medication are weakness, increased fatigue, chills, dryness of the mouth, headache, unusual dreams, decreased libido, dizziness, insomnia, excitability, confusion, depersonalization, increased muscle tone, tremor, nausea, low appetite, constipation, vomiting, and others.

If you think that any malaise that you started experiencing after the therapy start is caused by the pills, inform your therapist at once.

Interactions with other medicines and substances

When you buy Venlafaxine, make sure to check that you don’t use any medications the preparation is incompatible with. The main contraindicated combinations are with MAO inhibitors, alcohol or any medicines or products that contain ethanol, other medicines that suppress the central nervous system, and drugs that affect serotonin level.

Overdose of Venlafaxine: signs and treatment

The overdose with the preparation is very dangerous. It can occur even if you use a standard dosage but combine it with alcohol or other sedative medicines or antidepressants. The symptoms of an overdose are confusion, sleepiness, nausea, diarrhea, tremor, and fluctuations of blood pressure, seizures, and others.

The first thing you should do is induce vomiting and take activated carbon while you wait for emergency help to arrive. It is important to seek medical assistance as the overdose with the medication requires symptomatic therapy and monitoring of vital functions.

Where to buy Effexor?

To save on the therapy while getting the best effect, you can order Generic Venlafaxine from our online pharmacy.

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After 6 weeks on Effexor I feel 80% less anxious in social at all situations, I feel calm and very much unphased by most things. I feel more confident, my mind is clearer and it is physically impossible to dwell on negative thoughts. Haven't had a panic attack! Everyone reacts differently. I feel much better.
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