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Generic Zyprexa is a collective term used for all preparations identical to the brand-name drug Zyprexa. These medicines have the same formula and effect but are named differently because they are made by other companies. The active substance used in the medicines, Olanzapine, is a potent antipsychotic agent effective for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other affective disorders. Combined with Fluoxetine, the drug is also used for the therapy of severe depression.
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- Helps to relieve the symptoms and prevent exacerbations of the conditions it is used for.
Olanex; Olimet; Oliza; Pinsun; Zepol; Olansek; Symbyax; Zydis.
Zyprexa (Olanzapine 15 mg)
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Generic Zyprexa (Olanzapine 15 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Zyprexa (Olanzapine 15 mg):

What is the preparation you can buy as Generic Zyprexa?

The medication you know as Zyprexa is based on the active substance called Olanzapine. It was discovered and patented back in 1971 and since 2011 is available in a form of generic medication. It means that not only the developer of the preparation but all other pharmaceutical companies can use the formula and make the same medicines. Usually, these preparations are substantially cheaper than the branded medication. Fact, the whole idea of generics creation and marketing is based on the making of the most modern and effective drugs available everywhere in the world and at the prices affordable for people from the less developed countries.

Olanzapine, and all of the medications based on this substance and collectively called Generics of Zyprexa or Generics of Olanzapine although they are all registered under different trade names, are atypical neuroleptics of the thienobenzodiazepine class or the second generation antipsychotics used for the therapy of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders with pronounced productive and negative symptoms.

Why is Generic Olanzapine substantially cheaper than the branded medicine?

Despite the fact that generic medications gain more and more popularity, many people are still not ready to start using them instead of the branded medications. In most cases, it is because of the suspiciously low prices of the drugs that people believe are indicating their lower quality. Other people are told by their doctors that they need to use only the branded medications. But all of these convictions are not true.

First of all, the cheap price of these medications is explained by the factors that do not influence their quality such as the lack of the research costs as they use the formula created by somebody else, low production costs because they are making the pills in the developing countries, no advertising expenses because the best advertising for these preparations is their cheaper prices, and so on. Prior to being allowed into the market, all of the generics are clinically tested for the compliance with the original formula, conformity to the international quality standards, and so on so you don’t have to worry that you will get an inferior medication when you buy Generic Zyprexa instead of the branded medicine.

As for the fact that some health care providers insist that only the branded medicines are effective, it is proven that many of them receive kickbacks from the large pharmaceutical companies for every prescription they give out for their medicines.

When should I buy Generic Zyprexa?

Olanzapine is appointed for the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders especially the ones accompanied by manifested productive and negative symptoms. It is also used for the therapy of affective disorders, for instance, bipolar disorder, as a treatment for the exacerbations and supportive, prolonged anti-relapse therapy. The preparation is also prescribed for acute manic or mixed conditions in bipolar affective disorder with or without psychotic manifestations and with or without quick change of the phases.

If your healthcare provider prescribes you any medication base on Olanzapine and you want to buy Generic Olanzapine instead, you should clarify with your doctor what dosages are needed and whether you need only this active substance or a combination with Fluoxetine as there is a medication that combines these two substances and it is also used for bipolar disorder and resistant depression.

If you don’t have a prescription you can still purchase the medication from our online pharmacy but we strongly advise you to consult a specialist first.

When is Generic Zyprexa contraindicated?

Zyprexa and its generic analogs are contraindicated to be used in intolerance of the active substance and breastfeeding. The use during pregnancy is allowed at a doctor’s discretion if a potential good for the mother is greater than the risk for the fetus.

You should not buy Zyprexa and start using it without prior consulting your doctor and telling him or her about your conditions in which the medication use should be made cautiously and in some cases is undesirable. They include kidney or liver failure, benign prostatic hyperplasia, any conditions that make you prone to seizures, Parkinson’s disease, cerebrovascular disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, myocardial infarction or history of it, congestive heart failure, breast cancer including history of it, eosinophilia, myeloproliferative diseases, paralytic ileus, angle-closure glaucoma, dehydration, hypovolemia, and age younger than eighteen years.

Besides these contraindications, the preparation is also prohibited to be used along with some other substances. Find out more about it from the following section of this article.

Prohibited drug combinations

The preparation is not advised to be used along with any medications that extend QT interval, especially in elderly patients.

It is not recommended to combine the use of this antipsychotic medication with antiparkinsonian drugs in patients with Parkinsonism and dementia.

The medication should be cautiously combined with alcohol and any medications that depress the nervous system.

Activated carbon reduces the concentration of the medication in the body by 60%.

Carbamazepine (400 mg/day) increases the clearance, i.e. excretion of the medication by 50%.

Medications that induce the activity of the CYP1A2 enzyme and glucuronosyltransferase, for instance, omeprazole, Rifampicin, and others increase the excretion of the medication from the body and can influence its time of effect. The inhibitors of the CYP1A2 enzyme, on the contrary, lower the excretion and enhance the effect of Generic Zyprexa.

Fluoxetine elevates the maximum concentration of Olanzapine by 16% and lowers its clearance by 16%. The combination of these two medicines is sometimes used for bipolar disorder or severe depression resistant to treatment.

How should Generic Zyprexa be used?

When you buy Olanzapine online, you can get the medication without a prescription but you should remember that it is a potent medication that must be used cautiously and in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations. In this section, we provide the recommendations on the dosing copied from the official instruction for Olanzapine but if they differ from the recommendations given by your doctor, neglect them.

The pills can be taken without regard to meals as food doesn’t influence their effect.

The therapy of schizophrenia is made with the starting dosage of 10 mg a day with the subsequent increase of the dosage if necessary.

Manic episodes are treated with the starting dosage of 15 mg a day in monotherapy or 10 mg a day in combination therapy.

As anti-relapse therapy in bipolar disorders, the recommended initial dosage is 10 mg a day. If a patient already receives the medication for the therapy of manic episodes, the treatment can be continued with the same dosage. In case of new manic, mixed, or depressive episodes occurrence, the treatment with Olanzapine should be continued with the additional appointment of other medicines for the correction of mood.

In general, for the therapy of schizophrenia, mania, and as a prevention of relapses of bipolar disorder, the daily dosage can be adjusted within the range of 5-20 mg a day depending on the patient’s symptoms. The increase of the initial dosage is recommended to be done only after the repeated clinical evaluation and generally should not be made within an interval of fewer than 24 hours.

The withdrawal from the therapy if the dosages bigger than initial where used is made with a gradual reduction of the daily taken dose.

Adverse effects Zyprexa can provoke

When you order Zyprexa from our online pharmacy without a prescription, you may believe that the medication is totally harmless since it is sold without Rx but it is not so. As any other drug, it can cause adverse reactions and in overdose is very harmful. The symptoms you may start suffering from when taking the pills even as prescribed are drowsiness, weight gain, eosinophilia, increased prolactin, cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides in the blood levels, increased appetite, dizziness, akathisia, parkinsonism, leukopenia, neutropenia, dyskinesia, orthostatic hypotension, anticholinergic effects, transient asymptomatic increase in hepatic transaminase, rash, asthenia, hyperthermia, arthralgia, swelling, and others.

Generic Olanzapine: overdose signs and therapy

The symptoms of the drug overdose are nausea, aspiration, agitation, aggressiveness, drowsiness, speech confusion, extrapyramidal disorders, respiratory failure, tachycardia, arrhythmia, cardiac and respiratory arrest, impaired consciousness, severe depression of the nervous system, delirium, seizures, and others. As you can see, the overdose with this substance is very dangerous and in case you overdosed or suspect that someone from your family overdosed, you should take/administer activated carbon and seek medical assistance in case of severe reactions.

Where to buy Zyprexa?

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Zyprexa shipping

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Free prescription

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Discrete packaging

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We do not require a prescription. We will ask you to provide the reason for ordering the medicine when you place the order. There are no other requirements.

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I purchased this medication for my father that suffers since long time from schizophrenia. Doctor prescribed Zyprexa. We purchased from RXshop. Reliable online drug store! How many years it is recommended to take Zyprexa?
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Jun 17 / 2023 Doctor comment

If you passed through one episode of illness, then it is best to keep taking Zyprexa for at least two years to reduce the chances of becoming ill again. If you have had more than one episode of illness, then at least 5 years is recommended to take this medication.

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