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Effective Depression and Anxiety Relief with Cymbalta Duloxetine

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Generic Cymbalta is a non-branded version of a modern effective antidepressant from the class of serotonin reuptake inhibitors based on the active substance Duloxetine. The medication is identical to the branded drug but is made by another pharmaceutical company. The medication is used for a variety of conditions including major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, and diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. It can be also used off-label for other conditions but you should discuss it with your doctor first. Find out the peculiarities of the antidepressant, precautions, dosages, and possible side effects it can cause from our complete guide.
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- Helps to relieve neurological pain, eliminate anxiety and treat depression.
Cymbalta (Duloxetine 20 mg)
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Generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine 20 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine 20 mg):

What is Generic Cymbalta?

For the first time, the active substance used in the antidepressant medication known in the U.S. and the UK mostly as Cymbalta was patented in 1990. Then the medication was protected by the exclusive patent and the manufacturing of the pills was possible by the inventors only. However, the exclusive patents for medications expire or are reconsidered if the medication is included in the list of essential medicines composed by the World Health Organization. This allows other drug producers to start manufacturing the same medication using the original formula. However, these medications must be named differently when they enter the market. Collectively, they are called generics of a certain medication they replicate. For instance, you can find an analog of Cymbalta if you look for Generic Cymbalta instead. Why would you need that? Generics are much cheaper than the branded medications because of several reasons. First of all, their makers do not discover the formula. Secondly, they do not invest in advertising or promotion of their medications. Thirdly, they are usually sold and manufactured in the developing countries where only the low prices would be reasonable as people who live in those countries are unable to pay the sums the drug makers in the developed countries ask for their medicines.

Is Generic Cymbalta worse than the original?

The cheaper price of the generic can mislead you into thinking that the medication is inferior to the original branded medicine. But it is not so. First of all, as we have already said, the generics are made using the same formula. Secondly, there are valid reasons for these medicines to be cheaper without compromising their quality. These factors are also mentioned above. Thirdly, in no country any medication can enter the market without being properly tested and approved by the health care authority, an analog of the American FDA. Therefore, you can buy Cymbalta without any worries about the medication's quality and effectiveness if you get the medication from a reliable vendor. You can also easily check if you are being offered the right medication checking the active substance of the drug which is written under the trade name. In case of this antidepressant, it would be Duloxetine.

When should I buy Cymbalta?

You may think that antidepressants are used for the treatment of depression only but it is not quite so. They are used for various conditions including generalized anxiety, neurological pains accompanying various conditions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic disorders, and so on. However, antidepressants differ. They differ by classes and methods of effect.

Generic Duloxetine, the active substance of Cymbalta and its generics is included in the class of serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It influences the reuptake of serotonin by the neurons that release it. This allows coping with the deficit of serotonin which is considered one of the main factors of depression development.

However, the medication also affects the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine, two neurotransmitters which deficit is also believed to be the basis for various mental conditions.

The best time to buy Duloxetine is when your doctor prescribes you the medication. However, if you believe that it can be more suitable for you than the other medicines prescribed by your healthcare provider for the conditions Cymbalta is indicated such as major depressive disorder, diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain, or generalized anxiety disorder, you can ask your therapist whether you can start using this antidepressant instead.

Who must not use Cymbalta?

You must not buy Cymbalta if you are allergic or hypersensitive to the medication, suffer from unstable hypertension (increased blood pressure), severe kidney failure with creatinine clearance lower than 30 ml per minute, or severe liver dysfunction.

Besides, the medications must not be used in children and pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if a doctor believes that the risk to the fetus is lower than the potential good for the mother, he or she may appoint the therapy with the drug during gestation.

People with epileptic seizures and manias should exercise caution when using any medications that affect the central nervous system including Generic Cymbalta.

Do not combine Generic Cymbalta with these drugs

The medication must not be combined with MAO inhibitors. It is safe to buy Generic Duloxetine and start using the pills only 14 days after you stopped using any MAO inhibitors. If you plan to start using MAO inhibitors while you use Generic Cymbalta, you need to wait five days after the last day of the therapy with the antidepressant and only then start using MAO inhibitors.

The antidepressant must not be combined with fluvoxamine, ciprofloxacin, or enoxacin as these medications substantially increase the concentration of Duloxetine in the blood plasma.

You should avoid using alcohol and any sedative medications along with the antidepressant.

Do not use anticoagulants and antithrombotic medications along with Generic Cymbalta because of the risk of bleeding due to pharmacodynamic interaction.

How should I use Generic Cymbalta?

If you don’t have precise recommendations from your therapist on how to use the medication, you can order Cymbalta and use it as follows:
The starting therapeutic dosage for the therapy of major depressive disorder and diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain is 60 mg taken without regard to meals. If the dosage is insufficient, it can be increased to the maximum of 120 mg a day split into two intakes. The noticeable therapeutic effect can be observed within 2 months of uninterrupted therapy.

The starting therapeutic dosage for generalized anxiety is 30 mg once a day regardless of mealtime. If the effect is insufficient, the dosage can be increased to 60 mg a day or even 90 mg-120 mg a day split into several intakes. The noticeable therapeutic effect can be observed within 2-4 weeks of uninterrupted therapy.

In the necessity of therapy cessation, if the used daily dosages were 90 mg or 120 mg, the abrupt withdrawal is not advised. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended to reduce the dosage gradually.

Dosage adjustments

Elderly patients and people with renal failure of mild to moderate severity do not require dosage adjustments. People with severe renal failure and creatinine clearance less than 30 ml per minute, as well as people with moderate to severe liver failure, must not use the medication.

Cymbalta adverse reactions

When you order Generic Cymbalta, you should be prepared that you may start experiencing certain negative symptoms such as general weakness, dizziness, headache, indigestion, sleepiness, insomnia, vision impairment, and others. If you notice any of these or other unpleasant symptoms while using the pills, inform your therapist immediately.

Besides the listed adverse reactions, it is also important to acknowledge that in some cases antidepressants can cause a reverse effect and enhance suicidal tendencies or manias. Therefore, it is important to inform your family members or friends if you have these tendencies or thoughts so that they would be more attentive to your behavior and mood. If you have no one who is close enough to you, do not hesitate to use the help of help centers or groups.

Cymbalta overdose

The symptoms of an overdose are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, tremor, seizures, and involuntary muscle contractions. The treatment requires symptomatic therapy, i.e. the elimination of the negative symptoms and supportive therapy. If the symptoms are severe, contact your local poison helpline or go to an emergency room.

Where to buy Cymbalta?

You can get the medication at your local drugstores or order Duloxetine from our online pharmacy to save your money on the visits to your therapist and the pills because we sell them without a prescription and at affordable prices. Besides, we offer you to get bonus pills on your next order if you leave a review about our service or medications.

Cymbalta shipping

We ship our medications worldwide via standard and express shipping. If your order exceeds $199 or its equivalent in another currency we will ship it for free. You can find out more about our bonuses and special offers in our FAQ section.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Duloxetine online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Duloxetine arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Taking this drug almost a month. It helps with my permanent migraine and improved my general mood! Thanks!
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