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What is Anafranil? How to Treat with Generic Clomipramine HCI.

Drug description:
Generic Anafranil is a cheaper version of the branded medication with the same without the word “generic” before it. The medication has absolutely the same effect and is as safe as the more expensive branded medication. It is used for the therapy of various types for depression, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other conditions in children older than 10 years of age and adults. More detailed and useful information can be found in our medication guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Clomipramine HCI
- Helps to cope with depression and other mental conditions without serious side effects.
Clonil, Tridep, Clomipraminum, Hydiphen, Monochlorimipramine.
Anafranil (Clomipramine HCI 10 mg)
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Generic Anafranil (Clomipramine HCI 10 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Anafranil (Clomipramine HCI 10 mg):

What is Generic Anafranil?

The name Anafranil is a trademark registered by a certain company for the active substance called Clomipramine HCI. The substance was first developed in 1964. Then it was manufactured by a single pharmaceutical company who later sold the rights to use the formula and sell the same medication under different names to other pharmaceutical companies. The medications sold not by the original developer are called generics. They usually cost substantially less money but are hard to find if you don’t know their names. At least, so was before the introduction of the term Generic Anafranil or Generic Clomipramine. Nowadays, any pharmacists know what you need if you ask for this medication. It is much easier to find the right drug cheaper today because of the electronic databases that were not available even 30 years ago. Moreover, online pharmacies specialize in the selling of generics instead of the branded medicines so if you need them, you can easily find them online.

Anafranil and its generics are the oral tricyclic antidepressants used for various conditions including obsessive-compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, and others.

Is the cheaper price of the generic caused by its lower quality?

Although generics gain more and more popularity among people who need to take any medications and especially undergo long treatment courses, some people are still skeptical about their effectiveness and quality. If you are one of them, please don’t be. When you buy Generic Anafranil from a reliable seller such as our online pharmacy, you can rest assured that the pills are identical to the branded medication. Their cheaper price is a result of lower production, research and development costs that have to face the makers of generic medicines. Moreover, if you live in the U.S., you should know that all medications including generics are incredibly overpriced in your country but we sell them at their factual prices, i.e. cost of production plus minimal margins. There is no point to spend money on the advertised and promoted brand name when there are the same medications available much cheaper.

These medicines, as well as generics, are clinically tested and hit the drugstore shelves only after the approval from respective health care and quality authorities.

When should you buy Generic Anafranil?

This antidepressant medication is used to cope with several conditions such as depressive states of different etiology, i.e. endogenous depression, reactive, neurotic, organic, depression that accompanies psychopathy or schizophrenia; presenile and senile depression; Depressive conditions caused by chronic pain syndrome or chronic physical illness; obsessive-compulsive syndrome, phobia, panic disorder, catalepsy that accompanies narcolepsy, night enuresis in children older than 5 years and adolescents, and others.

Although if you or your child is diagnosed with one of these conditions you may purchase the medication, we strongly advise you ask your doctor whether you can use this particular medicine or not before you buy Anafranil.

For whom Clomipramine HCI is contraindicated?

The medication is contraindicated for people who have hypersensitivity, i.e. allergic reactions to the drug’s components, people who lately suffered myocardial infarction, congenital syndrome of QT interval prolongation, children younger than 5 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Besides, the instruction provides warning that the pills must be cautiously used in people with predisposition to seizures, for instance, those who have various brain conditions, during alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and so on; people with any heart condition, intraocular hypertension, angle-closure glaucoma, urinary retention, severe liver disease, tumors, chronic constipation, are advised to exercise caution in the intake of Generic Anafranil.

Before you buy Clomipramine, you should also check the list of incompatible medications as their use with this antidepressant can be fatal.

Medicines incompatible with Clomipramine

The primary contraindicated combination is Clomipramine intake with MAO inhibitors. It is a life-threatening combination that is not allowed in any case. Moreover, if you have previously used them, the interval between MAO inhibitors use and this antidepressant must be at least 14 days.

The medication blocks the effect of certain hypotensive medications such as guanethidine, methyldopa, clonidine, and reserpine.

Anafranil enhances the effect of anticholinergic medications, medicines that depress the central nervous system (anesthesia, barbiturates) and ethanol (alcohol).

The risk of serotonin syndrome increases in combined use with serotonin reuptake inhibitors and/or noradrenaline. To avoid it, the interval between the therapies with these medicines must be not shorter than 2-3 weeks.

Generic Anafranil enhances the effect of sympathomimetic drugs on the heart and cardiovascular system.

In combined use with Thioridazine, the toxic effect on the heart is enhanced.

Smoking and inductors of cytochrome P450, CYP3A, and CYP2C (phenobarbital, rifampicin, and others) accelerate the excretion of the medicine from the body and lower its efficiency.

Anafranil adverse reactions

When you first buy Generic Clomipramine and start using it, you may stat suffering from certain side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, tremor, headache, dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, symptoms of dyspepsia, impaired libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, and others.

Some of the symptoms can be more pronounced than others but even if they do not cause significant discomfort, you should inform your doctor about them as they may indicate more serious health harm than it can seem.

Generic Anafranil dosage regimens

The best way to find out the optimal dosage for your case is to consult a doctor who knows your health history. However, the instruction still provides general recommendations.

The pills should be taken during or after meals. The standard dosage for adults is 25-50 mg taken two-three times a day. The daily maximum is 250 mg.

The starting dosages for the therapy in children older than 10 years of age are the same as for adults yet the maximum dosage for children is 200 mg a day.

Generic Anafranil overdose

The use of increased dosages of antidepressants is very dangerous as it can lead to serious health damage or even death. Therefore, when you order Anafranil, you should use the pills carefully, preferably at the same time every day.

The symptoms of an overdose are arrhythmia, insomnia, phobia, confusion. If you noticed that you overdosed not later than two hours after the intake, you can vomit to get rid of the drug’s excess. If the symptoms only worsen, you need to seek medical help. The standard measures to cope with Generic Anafranil overdose are gastric lavage and supportive therapy, in the most severe cases, cholinesterase inhibitors are used.


In some cases, the therapy with antidepressants can worsen the depression and suicidal tendencies. Therefore, it is important to observe people who use the medication. The relatives of a person who takes the pills should be notified that in any signs of the condition worsening or unusual behavior of the patient they need to inform their doctor.

Where to buy Anafranil?

Although it is highly recommended to consult a specialist before using any medications and especially such potent medicines as antidepressants, we understand that not everyone is able to afford monthly visits to their doctors for refill prescriptions. We offer you to order Generic Anafranil at an affordable price and without a prescription so you could get the timely treatment without additional expenses.

Anafranil shipping

We ship all medications offered at our online pharmacy to all countries, cities, and towns of the world. You can choose express shipping if you want to get your pills sooner or save even more opting for standard delivery. The standard shipping can take up to 25 days while express shipping to any region is around 8-14 working days. All shipping types are accompanied by tracking numbers so you could always know where your pills are.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Clomipramine HCI online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Clomipramine HCI arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Anafranil (Clomipramine HCI) Reviews:
Common drug rating: 5.00 / Total votes: 6
Rating: 5 Jun 17 / 2024 U.S, Golden Valley
I started taking Anafranil from RxShop, and within a few weeks, my OCD symptoms have significantly decreased. The medication arrived promptly and was packaged securely. I’m thrilled with both the product and the service!
How long does it typically take for Anafranil to show improvement in OCD symptoms?
Doctor comment
Jun 17 / 2024 Doctor comment

Anafranil (clomipramine) typically begins to show improvement in OCD symptoms within 2 to 4 weeks, though full benefits may take up to 8 to 12 weeks. It’s important to take the medication as prescribed and communicate with your healthcare provider about your progress and any side effects.

Rating: 5 Sep 17 / 2023 Switzerland,Bern
I am suffering many years from persistent depressive disorder.I just changed my medication to this one. I am pleased with Anafranil.
Can it cause memory loss?
Doctor comment
Sep 17 / 2023 Doctor comment

Anafranil is an antidepressant that may reduce negative memories while improving overall memory.

Rating: 5 Aug 12 / 2022 USA, wilton manors
Product has a good quality. Thank you
Rating: 5 Nov 10 / 2021 USA, Cleburne
Everything was as described, thank you.
Rating: 5 Oct 26 / 2018 USA, Ohio
Good Drug! Helps me with obsessive compulsive disorder.
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