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What is Sinequan? How to Treat with Generic Doxepin.

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Generic Sinequan is the same drug as Sinequan made by other pharmaceutical company and sold at a lower price. The medication is based on Doxepin, a potent antidepressant with anxiolytic and sedative properties used for a variety of conditions including depression, depressive phase in bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and a variety of psychoses. The medication can be taken by adults, elderly patients, and children older than 12 years but the latter two groups of patients require dosage adjustments. To find out detailed information on the pills usage and precautions read the article below.
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- Helps to relieve anxiety, neurosis, and insomnia caused by various mental conditions.
Doxin, Doxipin, Spectra, Adapin, Aponal, Curatin, Quitaxon, Triadapin, Zonalon
Sinequan (Doxepin 10 mg)
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Generic Sinequan (Doxepin 10 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Sinequan (Doxepin 10 mg):

What is the drug marketed as Generic Sinequan?

The medication known mostly as Sinequan in the U.S. and the UK was developed in Germany in 1963. The active substance of the medication is called Doxepin. This name unlike the brand name Sinequan is used internationally. The same medication is manufactured and sold under a variety of names by different pharmaceutical companies but all of them indicate the active substance below the trademark so you will never go wrong. The registered names for the medication are Doxin, Adapin, Aponal, Curatin, Quitaxon, Zonalonnd many others. These medications are no way inferior to the branded and more expensive medication named Sinequan. You can find these cheaper versions of the preparation if you look for Sinequan or Generic Doxepin.

The term “generic” was introduced by the World Health Organization. It is used before the brand names or the active substance of the medication you want to find from another manufacturer. All pharmacists know what you mean when you ask for a generic of a certain medication. These medications are usually much cheaper than the branded ones because they are in general made to make needed treatment affordable to people from all social clusters. However, in some countries, even generic medicines are quite expensive. The cheapest generics can be found in the developing countries or from online drugstores that sell the pills at the prices they are sold in those countries. For instance, at our online pharmacy, you can buy Generic Sinequan much cheaper than it is sold at the regular drugstores in the U.S. and the UK.

Why is Generic Sinequan so much cheaper than the branded medication?

In general, generic medications are cheaper because their producers do not invent the medications but use the formulas invented by others. However, in the case of this particular preparation, since it was discovered more than 50 years ago, the branded medication would also lose a significant share of its price but it doesn’t happen because the owners of the brand still promote it and try to perpetuate the idea that the generics are inferior. However, the lower price in case of generics doesn’t mean that and if your doctor tells you to buy Sinequan you can safely purchase a generic medication instead. But make sure to check the active ingredient. It is always written on the box of pills and should read Doxepin. Besides, the same active ingredient is used for antidepressant and sleeping pills but in different dosages per pill. Therefore, you should also check it to get the right medication. If you are unsure what dosage you need, you can consult our pharmacists.

When should I buy Sinequan?

The medication is appointed in various conditions that are accompanied by nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. They include neurotic disorders caused by depression or generalized anxiety, neuroses of organic nature accompanied by insomnia, depressive and anxious states in alcoholism, depression and anxiety associated with somatic disorders and diseases, depression accompanied by fear and anxiety on a basis of psychoses, including depressive phase of bipolar disorder, psychoses caused by aging, senile involutional psychosis, reactive and postnatal psychoses, manic-depressive psychosis, and others.

Please note that without an assessment of a professional it is very dangerous to make self-diagnoses and start taking the pills as you cannot correctly interpret your symptoms especially if you indeed suffer from a mental condition. Therefore, we strongly advise you to buy Doxepin only if your doctor tells you to do so.

When the medication must not be used?

Even if your condition falls into the indications for Doxepin use, the preparation is still contraindicated for you if are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, have allergy to the medications’ components or other dibenzoxazepine preparations, hypersensitivity to tricyclic antidepressants, or suffer from manic syndrome, severe violations of liver and/or kidney function, glaucoma, urinary retention or inclination to it, benign prostatic hyperplasia, have lately suffered from a myocardial infarction, severe disruption of the hematopoietic system.

The preparation is also contraindicated for children younger than twelve years.

How to use Generic Sinequan?

In this section, we provide the same information that is provided in the official instruction. These are general recommendations but they can vary based on your weight, health condition, and so on. Please consult your doctor and follow his or her recommendations before you buy Generic Doxepin and start taking the pills.

The dosage of the medication is chosen individually and is within the range of 30-300 mg. The starting dosage is 15-25 mg with subsequent dosage increase if necessary. The dosages lower or equal to 100 mg can be taken in a single intake. The dosages higher than 100 mg should be divided into three intakes. The maximum per intake dosage is 100 mg taken before sleep.

In mild to moderate symptoms, the advised dosage is 75 mg daily. In the majority of cases, this dosage is deemed sufficient. In severe cases, the dosage can be raised to 300 mg split into three intakes.

The dosages for children older than 12 years are calculated based on the body weight. The daily dosage is 0,5 mg per kilogram of the body weight.

People who suffer from a condition for which the medication is prescribed and accompanying insomnia, the dosage should be divided in such a manner that the bigger dosage is taken before sleep.

After the desired therapeutic effect is achieved, the dosages of the medication should be lowered to the minimum effective one. The symptoms of anxiety lower or fade within 1-2 of the therapy. The antidepressive effect can be observed within 2-3 weeks of the therapy.

Dosage adjustments for different groups of patients

People older than 65 years with mild to moderate symptoms of the conditions are advised to take 50% of the standard daily dosages. According to the clinical trials, for this group of patients the desired effects were achieved with the dosages of 30-50 mg a day.

People with liver or kidney function impairment of mild to moderate severity require dosage adjustments chosen by a doctor. In severe function impairment, the medication is contraindicated.

Adverse reactions

When you order Sinequan and start using it for the first time, pay attention to the negative symptoms that may develop. Some of them indicate that the medication is unsuitable for you. For instance, if you have any allergic reactions, you should immediately notify your doctor and ask with what medication you should replace Sinequan.

Other possible adverse reactions occur rarely and usually fade away over time. They include somnolence, headache, dizziness, insomnia, nightmares, confusion, disorientation, anxiety, stupor or paresthesia, tremor (usually of moderate severity), excessive sedation, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mucous membranes of the oral cavity and nose, and tachycardia or bradycardia. Higher doses (especially in elderly patients), can cause extrapyramidal symptoms development. If you notice any unusual symptoms when you use the pills, make sure to inform your therapist about them.

Negative interactions with other substances

Afore you order Generic Sinequan, you should check with your healthcare provider that you don’t use any substances incompatible with the medication. For instance, it is contraindicated to take the pills along with MAO inhibitors and 14 days after the discontinuation of MAO inhibitors use.

The preparation also enhances the effects of atropine and levodopa; increases the toxicity of barbiturates, morphine, and pethidine.

The combined use of neuroleptics requires the reduction of Doxepin by 50%.

Combined use with Lithium can cause severe pernicious neurotic syndrome.

Ethanol (alcohol) enhances the sedative effect of the medication.

Overdose signs and treatment

The signs of an overdose are sleepiness, anxiety, dryness of the mouth, stupor, vision impairment, and arrhythmia. If these symptoms occur, the therapy must be discontinued immediately and medical assistance used.

In severe overdose, the elevation or lowering of the blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, pupil dilatation, urinary retention, respiratory depression, increased sweating, convulsions, and coma can occur. Therefore, in order to avoid serious complications, if you realized that you overdosed, you should phone your local poison help line or go to the emergency department right away.

Where to buy Sinequan?

The medication is sold at all drugstores but in some countries it is sold with a prescription only. We operate from the country where it is an over-the-counter medication and offer you to order Doxepin from our online pharmacy without Rx and at an attractive price.

Generic Sinequan shipping

Rxshop ships internationally via standard or express shipping. Find out the time of delivery to your region consulting our customer support managers.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Doxepin online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Doxepin arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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