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What is Symmetrel? How to Treat with Generic Amantadine.

Drug description:
Symmetrel is a brand name registered for the medication known worldwide as Amantadine. Generic Symmetrel is a term used to help people find the analog of the branded medicine at a lower price. The medications are identical and are used for two conditions: flu of the type A and Parkinsonism syndrome accompanying Parkinson’s disease. In order to find out more about how and when to take the medication, what side effects you can expect from its use, and so on, read our complete medication guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Prevention and treatment of the type A flu;
- Parkinsonism.
- Helps to prevent and cope with the symptoms of flu, eliminates Parkinsonism’s manifestations.
Amantral, Amantrel, Adamantamine, Endantadine, Mantadine, Symadine.
Symmetrel (Amantadine 100 mg)
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Generic Symmetrel (Amantadine 100 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Symmetrel (Amantadine 100 mg):

What is the medication called Generic Symmetrel?

Symmetrel is a brand name of an antiviral medication used to treat some forms of flu. It is also used for Parkinsonism. However, it is not the only drug with this composition suitable for both conditions. The active substance of the medicine is Amantadine which is known since 1967. Since the exclusive patent for the preparation production has expired long ago, the same preparation can be manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. Collectively, these drugs are called Generics of Symmetrel.  Although this is not a registered name and all of the medications have their own registered names, when you want to purchase the medication cheaper than the branded drug, you can simply tell the pharmacist that you want to buy Generic Symmetrel, and he or she will understand what you want. This collective name was introduced to help people find the medication they need at a cheaper price because it is made by another manufacturer without knowing all of the registered names of the medication. This is an initiative of the World Health Organization that even promotes generics as they make essential medications affordable for more people.

Is Generic Symmetrel inferior to the branded medicine because it is cheaper?

You may have doubts about the efficiency of the generic because of its lower price but you should not worry – all generics are made using the same formula and substances that are used for the branded preparations. Moreover, they never appear on the market if their identity to the branded medication wasn’t proved. So, why they are cheaper then? The thing is that their manufacturers do not develop new formulas but wait till the exclusive patent of the drug developer is no longer valid and then start producing their preparations. Generic drug makers also do not advertise their medications or promote them through rewarding to the doctors for prescription of namely their trademark medications as the manufacturers of branded medicines do. Therefore, you don’t need to worry as the quality of the medication doesn’t depend on the manufacturer. You can order Generic Symmetrel and as long as the active substance of the medication is Amantadine, you can rest assured that you are using the right medication and can follow the instructions for the best effect.

Who should use the medication?

Obviously, the best time to purchase any medication is when your health care provider prescribes you a particular medicine. However, if you have symptoms of flu, such as high fever, cough, nasal discharge, pain in the muscles and joints, and so on, you can buy Symmetrel or its generic.

The preparation is also used in people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease to minimize the manifestations of the condition such as tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity, and postural instability, i.e. balance disorder, spasms, and so on.

Besides the main indications for the medicine use, the instruction recommends taking the pills in extrapyramidal disorders (the group of motor disorders) caused by the administration of neuroleptics or other drugs, neuralgia in shingles, loss of consciousness as a result of traumatic brain injury, and delayed withdrawal from anesthesia.

Even if you are diagnosed with the above-mentioned conditions, you must consult your doctor whether Amantadine is the right medication for you. First of all, it can be contraindicated for you. Secondly, it can be ineffective for you due to certain peculiarities of your condition or organism.

Whom the preparation is contraindicated?

Any Amantadine-containing medicines are contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to the substance, psychosis (including in history), epilepsy, glaucoma, thyrotoxicosis, prostatic hyperplasia, hepatic and/or renal failure, pregnancy (especially I trimester), and breastfeeding.

The medication can be used cautiously but generally not recommended in the following conditions: congestive heart failure, arterial hypotension, psychomotor agitation, confusion, hallucinations, liver and kidney disease, allergic dermatitis.

How to use the medication?

Before you order Symmetrel, you must consult your doctor and make sure that the medicine is safe for you. Also, you need to consult a doctor to be sure what dosages to follow – the ones indicated in the instruction or reduced dosages chosen for you individually.

The pills should be taken orally with sufficient amount of water after meal preferably in the morning or midday. The medication is not advised to be taken before sleep because of its potential activating effect on the central nervous system.

For the prophylaxis or treatment of flu, the daily dosage is 200 mg a day for not less than 10 days.

1-3weeks before using the medication for Parkinsonism it is advised to undergo electrocardiography and repeat the test before any increase of the dosage. The treatment must not be started or if already started it should be quitted if the QT? is more than 420.

People with the Parkinson’s disease and people with dysfunction of the motor activity caused by the use of the medicines should be using the medication according to the instruction and according to the rendered effect.

The treatment must be started with the intake of one 100 mg pill a day for the first 4-7 days with the increase of the daily dosage by 1 pill every week till the optimal therapeutic effect is achieved. Usually, the effective dosage is 1-3 pills a day taken two times a day (200-600 mg a day). For elderly patients, the maximum daily dosage is 200 mg.

In combined use with other antiparkinsonian drugs dose should be selected individually.

People with renal failure require dosage adjustments in accordance with the creatinine clearance.

What adverse reactions can be expected from the medication use?

As any other medication, Amantadine can cause certain side effects. Therefore, when you buy Amantadine you should be ready that you may experience some of them. They include dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, vision acuity impairment, excitation, tremor, seizures, hallucinations, development or worsening of the heart failure, tachycardia, hypotension, dryness in the mouth, indigestion, loss of appetite, urine retention (especially in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia), swelling, dermatosis, and others.

If the experienced symptoms are moderate to severe, you should inform your doctor so he or she would decide whether it is safe for you to continue using the medication or not.

Precautions to follow when using the medication

When you buy Generic Amantadine and start using it, you should be prepared that you must not use alcohol during the therapy. The therapy with the increased dosages must not be abruptly stopped. Instead, the gradual decrease of the dosages is advised. During the use of the medication, it is advised to avoid driving or operating any large machinery.

Signs and symptoms of an overdose and required treatment

The overdose of the medication can manifest in the symptoms of acute toxic psychosis in the form of confusion with visual hallucinations, sometimes it can lead to coma. Other symptoms are excessive excitation, tremor, ataxia, blurred vision, lethargy, depression, dysarthria, neuromuscular disorders, hyperreflexia, motor anxiety, convulsions, extrapyramidal phenomena, torsion spasms, dilated pupils, and others. In case of an overdose, you must seek medical assistance immediately.

The first measures you can undertake after you overdosed are inducing vomiting and taking activated carbon. Further, your condition must be monitored at a hospital so that doctors would be able to take urgent measures in case your condition worsens.

Combination with other medicines

The preparation enhances the effect of central nervous system stimulants.

Amantadine can be used along with central anticholinergics and other antiparkinsonian agents.

Where to buy Symmetrel?

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