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What is Adefovir Dipivoxil? How to Treat with Generic Hepsera.

Drug description:
Hepatitis B was a major problem not so long ago, with what’s estimated to be one third of mankind, if not more, being exposed to this virus which reduces the quality of life for infected greatly. Of course, the drugs were developed to combat hepatitis, and a vaccine preventing it is used around most of the world to keep it suppressed, but there are still cases where virus has taken hold and can’t be cured, just treated - and that’s where Hepsera (also known as Adefovir or Preveon) kicks in.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Adefovir Dipivoxil
- Viral Suppression: Hepsera helps suppress the replication of the hepatitis B virus in the body;
- Liver Health: By controlling viral activity, Hepsera supports overall liver health and function;
- Reduced Liver Inflammation: The medication helps reduce inflammation in the liver associated with chronic hepatitis B;
- Prevention of Disease Progression: Hepsera plays a key role in preventing the progression of chronic hepatitis B to more severe liver conditions;
- Lowered Risk of Complications: Regular use of Hepsera lowers the risk of complications related to chronic hepatitis B, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer.
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Hepsera (Adefovir Dipivoxil 10 mg)
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Generic Hepsera (Adefovir Dipivoxil 10 mg) Medication guide:

Brief History

Originally, Hespera drug was being developed as a treatment for people infected with HIV, but in 1999 FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has advised against continuing the research, as Hespera proved to be rather toxic when used in increased dosage over moderate periods of time. It was estimated that people on treatment from HIV would have to take starting doses of 60 mg with potential increase to the 120 mg daily, which proved to severely increase liver toxicity.

Even with that, the project was not shut down, and closer research on Hespera’s effects on liver showed that in lower doses it can be successfully used to treat hepatitis B infections.

The full chemical formula of the drug is C8H12N5O5P and it achieves the results by blocking a production of an enzyme crucial for reproduction of Hepatitis B virus.

How to use this drug?

Hespera is one of the several drugs used to combat hepatitis B virus after it has already infected someone and became active. This happens often in Africa and Asia, as the virus has been under control on the old continent as well as in the USA, but there are cases that need treating here and there, and Hepsera has several distinct advantages when compared to other drugs made to combat hepatitis B.

Main advantage, of course, is the fact that Hespera is not addictive and can be safely discontinued after years of use. However, much more important is the fact that other treatments for this type of hepatitis usually lose effectiveness over the course of two to three years, as the virus develops drug resistance. The trials have shown that Hespera is successful in combating the virus even after decade and a half of use.

The drug comes in the form of a pill, meant for oral use only. Regular Adefovir dose (a common brand name for Hespera drug) is one pill per day, but you can also buy Adefovir Dipivoxil, which contains two doses in a single pill. The pill is to be swallowed with water after a meal, and it is not to be crushed or chewed on. Standard starting dose of adults is in the realm of 10 mg, but you should always consult with your doctor so he can adjust the dose if necessary.


First thing you should know about Hespera is the fact that it an active allergen, and can cause immediate moderate reaction. This is one of the reasons behind the fact that it’s a prescription drug, and your doctor should run thorough tolerance tests before he prescribes this hepatitis B treatment drug. Common effects of allergy include: difficulties with breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue and throat as well as breaking of red hives. If you experience any of these while on Hespera treatment, seek immediate medical attention.

Like with any other drugs that mess with the liver chemistry, there are other, more serious long-term side effects that you can experience while using Hespera. One of the most acute conditions it can cause is lactic acidosis, which is a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which can be fatal if not treated. This is something that can be encountered after months of successful Hespera use.

So you should always be mindful of the following effects:
- Muscle weakness or pain;
- Numbness of extremities;
- Persistent problems with breathing;
- Dizziness, light headedness, vertigo and weakness;
- Stomach pain, moderate or severe nausea with vomiting;
- Uneven heart beat rate.

These effects can start as barely noticeable, but will slowly increase in intensity, so inform your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Other negative side effects you may experience that would require immediate consultation with your doctor are:
- Problems with urinating - a risk with every drug that alters liver chemistry;
- Moderate nausea, stomach problems, dark urine and yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice).

There are minor side effects that can be experienced as well, including:
- Light nausea and vertigo;
- Gas and stomach pain;
- Mild skin itching (if it starts as you start your treatment, check in with your doctor to make sure it’s not an allergic reaction);
- Headache.

A drug of this caliber has risk of both mild and serious side effects, which is why it is paramount to keep in contact with your doctor and not to alter your prescribed dose in any way. Bear in mind that barely under 2% of the consumers have experienced any of the moderate or severe side effects, and less than 8% experienced mild side effects.

Advice and consumer experiences

- Do not chew the drug or crush it before use. It’s always best if it can get to your stomach as it is, dissolving and getting absorbed into the bloodstream there;
- While it is not a necessity to take your dose of Hepsera after meal, doing so increases the absorption rate, giving much better results;
- If you have accidentally skipped a dose, do not take it out of term and do not double the next dose in an attempt to catch up. It can lead to overdosing and it will definitely increase the chances of experiencing negative side effects of Hepsera;
- If you chose to order Hepsera online, make sure you do so from a reputable supplier.

It’s easy to find Hepsera testimonials online on health related forums and blogs. Almost all of the comments found show consumers who are satisfied with how Hepsera helped with their hepatitis B problem, and these include men and women who have been using it for years. The drug has not been selected by scammers and there are no fake online orders of Hepsera reported, so it’s pretty safe to buy Hepsera from web sites, especially since the discounts offered are definitely better than what you can see in a local drug store.

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