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What is Combivir? How to Treat with Generic Lamivudine.

Drug description:
Combivir is a brand name registered by a certain company for the medication known worldwide as Lamivudine. It is a medication used as a part of combination therapy of HIV especially if a patient also suffers from hepatitis B. The pills can be used by adults and children older than 3 months of age as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women if the anticipated benefit is greater than the possible risk to the fetus or the baby. The preparation use in people with moderate to severe kidney failure requires dosage adjustments. In order to find out more useful information about the medication, read our med guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- As a part of combined therapy, successfully suppresses HIV and hepatitis B viruses.
Duovir, Azidothymidine, Aztec, Epivir, Hepitec, Heptovir, Novo-Azt, Retrovir, Trizivir, Zeffix, Zidovudine
Combivir (Lamivudine 300mg/150 mg)
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Generic Combivir (Lamivudine 300mg/150 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Combivir (Lamivudine 300mg/150 mg):

What is the medication you can buy as Generic Combivir?

The medication marketed in several countries as Combivir is known among all doctors and pharmacists as Lamivudine. The thing is that Combivir is only a brand name, while the name Lamivudine in an international official name of the medication itself without regard to the trade name. The trade names for Lamivudine can be quite different. It all depends on the manufacturer’s imagination and copyrights that are taken into account when new medication names appear on the market. Generic Combivir is not an official name for the drug. It is a term used by people who do not know the international name of the medication and are aware only of the brand name Combivir. If you ask any pharmacist for generic of Combivir, he or she will know exactly what you need.

Combivir and Generic Lamivudine are antiviral medications used in a combined therapy of HIV and hepatitis B.

Why do people look for generics instead of the branded medicines? Generic versions of the medications are less advertised and promoted. Therefore, they are cheaper. But even generics in some countries such as the U.S. cost a lot of money. It makes online pharmacies the best place to purchase medicines from.

Is the price difference is because of the poor drug quality?

Although sometimes you can buy Generic Combivir at a half of the branded medication price, it doesn’t mean that this version of the preparation is inferior. In fact, no medication can be called a generic of another drug if it doesn’t correspond to the original formula, composition, effect, and safety to the original medication. All medications that are marketed regardless of the name of the country they are marketed in are thoroughly tested and are available for customers only if they got through the tests. You may wonder why generics are cheap, then. The lower price is related to the absence of the research costs as the generic drug manufacturers do not use their own formulas but either buy the right to make the same medicines or wait till the exclusive patent expires.  Also, they save on the promotion of their preparations. They do not pay doctors for prescribing namely their medicines how the owners of the large brands do, save on production costs by placing their factories in the countries with lower taxes, cheaper labor and utility, and so on.

When should you buy Lamivudine?

Obviously, since the medication is indicated in quite serious and life-threatening conditions, it is important to get the right diagnosis before you buy Combivir or its generic. HIV and hepatitis B treated by the medication are also treated with other medicines based on the overall patient’s health, accompanying conditions, tolerance of certain substances, and so on. Moreover, these conditions commonly require the use of several medications to avoid viral resistance development.

You can be sure that you need to buy Lamivudine if your doctor prescribes you the medication and gives precise instructions on its use. If he or she says that you need to use Combivir, you can ask them if a generic version will work for you to get the medication with a peace of mind.

When the medication must not be used?

The medication is contraindicated only for people who have individual intolerance of Lamivudine or other components of the pills. The medication can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding only if the expected benefit for the mother outweighs the risk for the fetus or the baby.

Besides, the instruction provides precautions that the preparation must be cautiously used (in the occurrence of moderate to severe adverse reactions the therapy must be stopped) in people with kidney or liver failure, pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy, and in children younger than 3 months of age.

What adverse reactions can you expect from the therapy?

When you buy Generic Lamivudine you should be prepared that sometimes the medication can be unsuitable for you or that you will suffer from certain side effects such as a headache, dizziness, weakness, tiredness, sleeplessness, coughing, flu-like syndrome, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, myalgia (muscle pain), fever, increased sweating, alopecia, skin rash, swelling, itching, and others. One of the most dangerous side effects is necrotic pancreatitis which is why the medication must be very cautiously used by people with history of pancreatitis. In the occurrence of any symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, and other digestive tract dysfunction signs you must inform your doctor and get your pancreas tested.

How to use the pills?

First of all, you need to know that if your doctor prescribes you to use the medication as a part of combination therapy; you must follow his or her recommendation as it is crucial. Secondly, the instruction provides regular recommendations but your health care provider who knows your health history can decide on other dosages and treatment schemes. Therefore, the instruction you can find here is for information only before you order Combivir.

The pills can be taken without regard of meal.

Adults and children with the body weight more than 30 kilograms are recommended to take 300 mg a day taken either in one intake or split into 2 equal (150 mg) intakes.

Children older than three months of age with the body weight under 30 kilograms are recommended to be administered 4 milligrams per kilogram, of the body weight. The dosage must be split into two intakes and must not exceed 300 mg a day.

Individuals with kidney failure of moderate to severe severity have an increased concentration of the medication after the intake as the creatinine clearance is lower than in healthy individuals. Therefore, individuals with creatinine clearance lower than 50 milliliters per minute require reduced dosages.

Children with kidney failure also require the lowering of the dosage.

The dosage adjustments provided in the instruction for adults are the following:
- Adults and children with the body weight over 30 kilograms with creatinine clearance lower than 50 ml per minute but higher than 30 ml per minute are recommended to take 150 mg once a day;
- In creatinine clearance from 30 to 15 ml per minute the first dosage is 150 mg with the following intake of 100 mg once a day;
- In creatinine clearance from 15 to 5 ml per minute the first dosage is 150 mg with the following intake of 50 mg once a day;
- In creatinine clearance lower than 5 ml per minute the first dosage is 50 mg with the following intake of 25 mg once a day.

For children older than 3 months of age with the body weight less than 30 kilograms the recommendations are the following:
- In creatinine clearance lower than 50 ml per minute but higher than 30 ml per minute are recommended to administer 4 mg per kilogram of the body weight once a day;
- In creatinine clearance from 30 to 15 ml per minute the first dosage is 4 mg per kilogram of the body weight with the following intake of 2.6 mg per kilogram of the body weight once a day;
- In creatinine clearance from 15 to 5 ml per minute the first dosage is 4 mg per kilogram of the body weight with the following intake of 1.3 mg per kilogram of the body weight once a day;
- In creatinine clearance lower than 5 ml per minute the first dosage is 1.3 mg per kilogram of the body weight with the following intake of 0.7 mg per kilogram of the body weight once a day.

Overdose of Lamivudine

When you order Generic Combivir, you must use it responsibly and avoid overdosing. In case of an overdose, the standard possible adverse reactions are intensified. The therapy includes symptomatic treatment, gastric lavage, intake of activated carbon, forced diuresis and monitoring of the vital functions.
If the symptoms are not severe, you can induce vomiting and take activated carbon. If the negative symptoms persist, you should seek emergency help.


Although, the likelihood of negative interactions of Lamivudine with other drugs is quite low due to limited metabolism, insignificant binding to proteins and almost complete excretion of the drug in an unchanged form, it is still advised to consult your doctor if you plan to combine the therapy with the preparation with other medications intake.

Where to buy Combivir?

Although the therapy of HIV should not be about the cost of the treatment but the effectiveness as an untreated virus can lead to the development of AIDS and untimely death, you can still save without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment if you order Generic Lamivudine from our online drugstore instead of buying the branded medicine at your local pharmacies.

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