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What is Alfacip? How to Treat with Generic Alfacalcidol.

Drug description:
Generic Alfacip belongs to the group of vitamin D analog supplements. Sometimes it is also called One-Alfa. This preparation for oral administration contains hydroxy cholecalciferol which is a vitamin D supplement. Usually, it is used to treat rickets (a skeletal disorders caused by lack of calcium, phosphate or vitamin D) and hypocalcaemia (calcium deficiency disease). Specialists may also use it for treatment of some other health conditions not listed in this article. The major task of this preparation is to regulate calcium balance in the organism and support bone health. It also regulates the exchange of calcium and phosphor in the intestine and increases their reabsorption in kidneys. This drug regulates the mineralization of bone tissue. To start using the discussed medication you should not take this article as a recommendation instruction. Only the doctor can determine appropriate using terms that will not hurt your organism instead of helping it. Your health care provider may suggest doing some clinical tests to make sure that your organism will tolerate using this particular pharmaceutic product with its active and inactive components.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Alfa D 3, Buco-D, Calciferol, Condacaps, Condol, Crtron, Crystallina, D-Arthin, D-Tracetten, Daral, Davitamon D, Davitin, De-Rat Concentrate, Decaps, Dee-Osterol, Dee-Ron, Dee-Roual, Deltalin, Deratol, Detalup, Diactol, Divit Urto, Drisdol, Ercalciol, Ergorone, Ergosterol, Ertron, Fortodyl, Geltabs, Infron, Metadee, Mulsiferol, Mykostin, Novovitamin-D, Oleovitamin D, Ostelin, Radiostol, Radstein, Radsterin, Rodine C, Shock-Ferol, Sterogyl, Uvesterol-D, Vigantol, Vio-D, Viosterol, Vitamin D, Vitavel-D.
Alfacip (Alfacalcidol 1 mcg)
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Generic Alfacip (Alfacalcidol 1 mcg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Alfacip (Alfacalcidol 1 mcg):

Alfacalcidol (1-hydroxy cholecalciferol) belongs to the group of vitamin – D supplements. Naturally, this specific vitamin is produced in human’s body as a response for the sunlight and we also get it through some particular food. Lack of it leads to weakness of bones and skeletal deformities. The discussed medication supplies the organism with the sufficient amount of vitamin D. Enough amount of it also is efficient in preventing and fighting such health issues as cardiovascular disease, cancer, severe asthma, diabetes, hypertension and dementia in older people. This is a drug for oral administration only. It is recommended to check the level of vitamin D in your organism before starting the course of treatment with this or any other supplement. Visit a clinic and do the tests if you suspect having lack of vitamin D.



Generic Alfacip is a pharmaceutical product that should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription and treated moderately and carefully. Do not buy Alfacalcidol if you do not have your health care provider’s permission for it. Do not take it by someone else’s recommendations. If it is necessary, do not cease tests and check-ups suggested by your doctor. They will help him determine the dose and course duration.

Doctor’s recommendations must be precisely followed in every detail to prevent side effects appearance. Do not change the dose. If you decrease it, it can not be enough to supply your organism with sufficient amount of vitamin D. If you increase the dose without doctor’s allowance, it may cause severe allergies and skin disorders (see side effects paragraph). Do not share your preparation with other people; do not use preparations of other people that have not been prescribed for you.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

You should use this drug in other way than orally. Take the recommended dose at the same time every day with food. The most frequent portion for adult patients is Generic Alfacil 1 mcg (one pill) per day. Still, it depends on the disease that is treated and the age of the patient. Each person may get the different prescription depending on personal features and present health conditions. Talk to your health care provider to check your correct daily portion. For children the dose is usually a quarter of 1mg tablet (or the version with low content of an active ingredient).

Do not help swallowing this or any other pharmaceutical products with alcohol. It may call out severe side effects, poisoning and unpredictable detrimental consequences in interaction with components of the supplement. In some cases, the medical help may be necessary. Use only plain fresh water to help swallowing, if you need it. Do not drink alcohol right before or after the usage of the pill.

Sometimes happens that patients miss their daily dose. In this case, take your 1 mcg pill as soon as possible. If it is about time to use the next portion, do not take two pills; leave the missed dose and continue your regular application. The doubled dose may not only be useless, it can cause damage to your organism. If after taking too big dose you do not feel well or suspect the approach of severe allergy, call for medical help immediately. If you feel constant painful side effects, discuss the possibility to stop Alfacalcidol usage with your health care provider. He may change this preparation into another one or lower the dosage according to the health condition and situation. Remember that such decisions can be made by the specialist only.

Side effects

Side effects

Improper usage, overdose, and incorrect additional supplements may be the reason for mild or severe side effects’ approach. They may appear in different body systems and affect different inner organs. From the side of the digestive system the discussed preparation may cause next negative effects: anoraks, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, discomfort in epigastria area, and some others. Such side effects as excessive fatigue, weakness, vertigo, and excessive sleepiness may appear from the side of central nervous system. Cardiovascular problem such as tachycardia may show up in the result of improper preparation usage. You may have itching, irritation and other skin problems.

Side effects of all pharmaceutical products are possible; it means that they may not appear at all. It usually depends on personal response to the active and inactive ingredients and appropriate management of the drug.



Tell your doctor about all current health conditions that you deal with and name all other preparations that you take at the moment. Alfacalcidol may interact with any other medication in a unpredictable way and cause detrimental damage to your internal organs. Two main drugs that negatively interact with the discussed medicine are Colestyramine and Digoxine. Do not forget to mention it to your doctor if you must use any of them.

It is not recommended to apply this preparation for pregnant women. The usage is possible only in case when the possible usefulness overpasses the possible damage that it can cause to mother and the unborn child. It is highly recommended not to use the medication while breast-feeding. The ingredients of the drug may enter into milk and cause harm to the organism of the baby.

Discuss all possible side effects with your health care provider if you have problems with kidneys (high risk of hypercalcemia development or urinal stone disease).


After you buy Generic Alfacip, find the proper place to keep it. The place should be dark, dry and cool. Pharmaceutical products exposed to the sunlight can become spoiled and, as the result, poisoning. The place of storage must also be out of children’s reach. If you have some leftovers, do not put them into the garbage bin. Use a special take back program provided by the government.

How to buy Generic Alfacip?

How to buy Generic Alfacip?

This effective preparation as well as its brand name original may not be available in many regular drug stores in your city and most possibly absent on the shelfs of apothecaries in small towns and villages. People that do not live in the United States can also have problems if they decide to order Generic Alfacip. The most effective way to get this preparation for them is to order it online.

If you have an excess to the internet, it will take 15-20 minutes to find several websites that offer the needed medication and compare their prices, sales and bonuses. When you choose the one that suits you the best, then you can make an order. All you have to do is to fill the form and pay for your order. Our website has customers support, you may contact our consultant and ask him all questions that you have.

Alfacalcidol shipping by Rxshop

Alfacalcidol shipping by Rxshop

Every major website that sales products online has reliable delivery services they cooperate with. If would like to order the medication on our web site, we will ship it in the best way. Every fragile thing is packed into the safe package and treated carefully on its way to your house. It doesn’t matter where you live, we can ship your order to every country and city. This is possible because of our world wide shipping service. For customers from the United States there is USA shipping via USPS available. Whatever you choose, there is also additional service provided by RXShop for its customers – shipping with track. This service gives you an opportunity to see the location of your package on its way to you. Every order can be tracked on or another postal services available. Choosing our company, you choose safety.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Alfacalcidol online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Alfacalcidol arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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