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What is Namenda? How to Treat with Generic Memantine.

Drug description:
Memantine is a pharmaceutical product that is used in treatment of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, both moderate and severe. It is the NMDA receptor inhibitor that influences glutamatergic system of exchange in the brain cells. Generic Namenda,interacting with receptors, blocks calcium channels, regulates transportation of ions inside the cells, and normalizes membrane’s potential. Such mechanism of action helps activating the process of transmitting nerve impulses, increases mental functioning, improving cognitive abilities, increasing physical activeness, and normalizing behavioral reactions. This particular preparation is available in a form of tablets of 5 mg and 10 mg amount of an active ingredient in each. Another possible usage of it is to treat some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The medication may also be used to cure other health conditions that are not listed in this medication guide, but only the specialist can decide what they are. Important information: do not take this article as a direct recommendation for usage.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Admenta, Memantina, Memantinum, Ebixa, Namenda.
Namenda (Memantine 5 mg)
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Generic Namenda (Memantine 5 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Namenda (Memantine 5 mg):

The active ingredient of Namenda is memantine. This preparation is available in the form of tabs and must be taken orally. The dose and treatment course duration are determined by the specialist only and depend on the type of dementia and personal features of each patient. Usually, specialists apply it in treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia of unspecified genesis and mixed dementia of different levels of power.

One pill of Memantine contains 5 mg or 10 mg of its active ingredient memantine hydrochloride. Its inactive ingredients are next: milk sugar, colloid silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate, and some others. Discuss all drug components with the specialist to avoid allergic reactions. By reducing the action of some specific chemicals in brain, the described medication slows down negative processes in the organism that are caused by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s (some symptoms) diseases.



It is recommended to order Generic Namenda if you have the doctor’s directions for its usage. After getting one, follow every detail from the label to make the usage of the preparation safe and beneficial for your organism. It is not allowed to increase the recommended dosage to avoid severe allergic reactions and side effects approach. Do not decrease the dose either because it may not be enough to treat your health condition. Read carefully the side effects paragraph and the contradictions paragraph and discuss this information with your health care provider.

Some side effects of the discussed pharmaceutical product may be dangerous for operating the car or doing work with the high risk of injury. Avoid such activity while you are using the Memantine to decrease the risk of catastrophe. Do everything that your health care provider tells you to do.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

It is important to follow every single detail of doctor’s recommendations in the process of treatment. The health care provider may suggest changing the dose during the process; do everything that is needed. Never use any drug longer than it is recommended by your doctor. It is allowed to use it without food or with it. Try not to crush or chew the tablet; help swallowing with water. Never use alcohol to help swallowing. For obvious effect of the substance, you should use the medication regularly. If you miss the portion, take it as early as it is possible. Do not use the double amount of the medicine; skip the missed one and keep taking it as usual. Do not stop the course of treatment abruptly without your doctor’s permission; it may cause negative consequences. The complete withdrawal of the drug before time is possible only if its side effects are stronger than the benefit of its usage.

The most frequently used dose of the preparation is 5 mg or 10 mg, depending on the disease that is treated.  It should be taken once a day. The maximum portion does not have to increase 20 mg a day. It is important to increase the dose (by doctor’s prescription) in one-week intervals to prevent side effects appearance and allergic reactions.  Every week 5 mg of the substance can be added, but the final portion should not be more than 20 mg used in one day. The dose of the preparation is determined by the specialist only. Do not use it by recommendations of other people that also consume it. Do not recommend others to use it in the same way you do it. The duration of the treating process is also determined by the doctor, according to your response to the preparation.

Never overdose the medication. The most frequent signs of the overdose are confusion, agitation, loss of consciousness, restlessness, stupor, visual hallucinations, vertigo, vomiting, and weakness. If you recognize any of these, seek medical help immediately.

Side effects

Side effects

The common and moderate side effects of Memantine are dizziness, headache, skin rush, loss of appetite, joint pain, abnormal urination, and dizziness. It is researched that these ill feelings appear on the early terms of usage, while the organism gets used to the new substance in blood. In a short period of time they fade away and do not show up again.

There are also some severe side effects of the described medication. Immediately contact the specialist if you recognize such symptoms of severe allergy as hives, swelling of upper and lower appendages, throat, lips, and tongue, problems with inhaling. The serious and most dangerous side effects may be the reason to stop using the preparation, but do not do this abruptly; follow the steps, prescribed by the doctor. These severe ill effects are next: chest tightness, chest pain, fast heart beating, sudden numbness of body, skin disorders, confusion, hallucination, blurred vision, coordination disorders, and others. This is not the complete list of possible side effects; talk to your doctor about those that may possibly appear in your particular case.

Remember, that all side effects are possible. They may or may not appear. Usually, if the preparation is taken properly, they do not show up.



Take to notice next contradictions before you buy Generic Namenda. Tell your health care provider if you have allergic reactions on any kind of medicine. Next health condition may become worse if you consume these drugs: seizure disorder, cataracts, bladder infection, kidney infection, liver and/or kidney disease, urination problems, and epilepsy.

It has not been proven that the discussed medication harms unborn babies, but if you are pregnant or plan to become a mother, tell it to your doctor. It is not exactly determined whether the substance gets into the breast milk or not. Discuss this case with the specialist.

There are such side effects of the preparation that can negatively affect your concentration and reaction. Avoid driving or doing a high-risk job to prevent accidents.


All pharmaceutical products should be kept in dark, cool, dry places out of children’s reach.

How to buy Generic Namenda?

How to buy Generic Namenda?

Those people who have already tried to buy Memantinein some regular drug store, know how hard and even impossible it is. Because of it is prescribed for quite specific health conditions, the drug is almost unavailable in some regions and cities of America, Canada, and other big and small countries. How can people their get the medication they need so much? The answer is clear and obvious –order Memantine online.

You can find many reliable and respectful websites that cooperate with major pharmaceutical companies-producers and whether have rare preparations in storage, or can quickly get it for you right from the factory. The internet gives people opportunity to compare different online drug stores in their prices, bonus programs, ways of payment, and shipping options.

Generic Namenda shipping by Rxshop

Generic Namenda shipping by Rxshop

After making an order and paying for it, you need to receive it somehow. The best way to get your package is to order from our company. There are several useful services that we provide for our customers. One of them is worldwide shipping. Rxshop delivers packages to the remotest parts of the world, using it. For the United States, we have USA shipping via USPS option. Such delivery’s benefit is its fastness.

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Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Memantine online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Memantine arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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