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What is Aldara? How to Treat with Generic Imiquimod.

Drug description:
Aldara is a brand of the topical cream based on Imiquimod, an immune response modifier that helps to treat warts, including genital warts, papillomas, keratosis, and even basal cell carcinoma. The medication doesn’t render a cytostatics (anti-tumor) or antiviral activity but makes cells affected immune to the pathogen. The drug can be used in adults and has almost no contraindications for use but the treatment with it requires a compliance with a certain strict regimen. Read our complete article to know more.
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Helps to cure skin conditions it is used for quickly and effectively without affecting the general health
Imiquad, Zyclara
Aldara (Imiquimod 5 %)
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Generic Aldara (Imiquimod 5 %) guide:

More facts about Generic Aldara (Imiquimod 5 %):

What is the preparation marketed as Aldara?


Aldara is a commercial name of the active agent Imiquimod. The medication is an immunomodulator, i.e. it modifies the immune system response to various factors, used topically in certain conditions. Although it doesn’t have a direct antiviral effect, its activity is related to the promotion of the natural substances production within the cells which is beneficial in the treatment of viruses.

Your medical doctor can tell you to buy Aldara to undergo the therapy for external genital and anal warts, small surface basaliomas, specific types of keratosis (AK) or other conditions.

Since the medication was first approved in 1997, its formula is no longer protected by the copyright and can be utilized by diverse drug manufacturers. You should know this because this knowledge can help you save on the treatment as the same medication sold under a less known name is usually cheaper. You can easily find it if you look for Generic Aldara.

Pharmacological properties of the medication

The preparation modifies the immune response to the virus. The preparation affects the protein receptors on the membranes of immunocytes. Although it doesn’t render a direct antiviral activity, during the tests it had been discovered that it affects the development of viral infections and acts as an anti-tumor agent mainly by inducing the alpha interferon and other cytokines. Thanks to interferons, cells become immune to the virus.
Since the preparation is utilized externally, only around one percent penetrates through the skin into the blood. This insignificant amount of the medication is quickly excreted in the feces.

When exactly can you start using Generic Aldara?

Dosage and usage

The Imiquimod utilization is appointed mostly for the therapy of genital warts (neoplasms having the form of cauliflower on thin legs), senile keratosis (benign neoplasms in the form of plaques that are covered with solid scales), water warts (a viral disease of the skin, transmitted by the contact-household way), papillomas, and as a supplementary treatment of basal cell carcinoma.

Some of these conditions can be easily recognized especially if they develop on the face, palms, and other visible areas of the skin. In general, papillomas that are on the skin not surrounding genitals and senile keratosis (seborrheic keratosis) are not considered harmful and can be either treated with the cream without consulting a doctor or left alone. However, genital warts are dangerous as they are caused by another virus strain that can cause the neoplasm transformation into a cancerous tumor so before you buy Generic Aldara for them, make sure to visit a medical specialist and get a comprehensive consultation and medical checkup.

Can you expect the same efficacy from the medication based on Imiquimod but named differently?

The medications with the same active substance, in this case, Imiquimod, but sold under other names than the widely-advertised or promoted brand-name are called generics. Usually, they are started to be produced when the exclusive patent of the drug developer expires. Then all other companies or some of them get the right to use the formula and register their own names for the same drug. These medications are cheaper than the brand-name ones although they are identical because their makers didn’t develop the drug themselves and do not promote it. You can buy Imiquimod giving up all doubts that the medication is less effective since it’s cheaper and sold under another name. However, make sure to purchase it from a regular drugstore or, if you want to save maximally, at an online pharmacy with a good reputation like ours.

When is Generic Aldara use contraindicated?

The medication is contraindicated to be used in people aged less than eighteen years, in people who are hypersensitive to the drug, i.e. experience severe adverse reactions from its use.

The medication is not advised to be used in pregnant and breastfeeding women even though its absorption in the total blood flow is minimal. However, if a doctor believes that the medication’s use benefit will outweigh the risks, he or she can prescribe it at their own discretion as Aldara is not strictly contraindicated to be used during this time.

How must the ointment be used?

Side effects

First of all, it is highly advised to buy Generic Imiquimod and start using it only after your medical doctor confirmed your diagnosis and prescribed you this medication or approved your choice of the medication.
The ointment should be administered only on the areas damaged by the lesions treated. It is not encouraged to use the preparation until the skin is recovered after other types of medical treatments. Do not use the substance on the skin areas covered with ulcers or open wounds until their complete recovery.

During the therapy, you should avoid or diminish sun exposure as the substance enhances skin sensitivity and can cause skin burns.
The medication doesn’t have a direct antiviral or anti-tumor activity so after the complete course; the occurrence of new warts is possible.
The preparation must be used only externally-located warts and not internal, e.g. intra-vaginal.

Ideally, the regime of the medication utilization and the length of the course should be appointed by a doctor.

Here you can find the general recommendations from the official instruction:
It is prohibited to use the ointment from the previously opened sachet, i.e. for every next application, you must open a new one even if the previous one still has cream. The substance must be spread in a thin layer and rubbed in before complete absorption. Prior to and after using Imiquimod, you must thoroughly wash your hands with soap to avoid spreading the ointment on the healthy skin areas and especially in the eyes or mucosa. Once the ointment is on the skin, it must not be washed out for six to ten hours depending on the condition it is used for. The best time to use the medication is before bedtime. After that time, the leftovers of the ointment must be rinsed off or it will cause overdose and severe negative skin reactions.
- For the management of externally located genital warts, the use of the substance thrice a week before sleep is prescribed. It must be left on the skin for six to ten hours. The course must go on till the full curing of warts but not more than for four months.
Uncircumcised men during the therapy must pull out the foreskin and wash that area daily.
- For basal cell carcinoma therapy, the preparation must be used for 5 days a week. The left two days should be a break. The course is a month and a half. Apply the ointment to the all affected area including one centimeter (half of an inch) over the edges of the tumor. If the ointment use causes a lot of discomforts or the area of the application becomes infected, it is necessary to interrupt treatment for a few days.
When you order Aldara, note that the condition of the carcinoma must be assessed by your healthcare provider twelve weeks after the therapy is ended. If he or she believes that the treatment was ineffective, he or she must prescribe you another treatment plan.
- For the management of keratosis, the substance is applied thrice a week for a month. After this course, the doctor should assess the keratosis condition and if the results are insufficient, the treatment must be continued for the next four weeks. If after two months of the therapy the results are insufficient, another treatment should be implemented.

If the cream use causes a lot of discomforts or the area of the application becomes infected, it is necessary to discontinue the treatment. In case of infection, it should be addressed by a healthcare specialist.

If you forgot to use the ointment, you must use it as soon as you remembered and then continue the treatment as usual but remember that Imiquimod must not be used more than one time per day.

Adverse effects of the ointment

How to buy Generic Aldara online?

Aldara, as well as its generic version, can cause some negative reactions. Since the medication is applied externally and is poorly absorbed into the blood, the most likely adverse effects are also local. They include itching, burning sensation, and pain at the site of application of the cream, inflammation caused by infection, erythema, edema, dermatitis, urticaria, ulceration, scabbing and the appearance of vesicles, local lowered or increased pigmentation. Besides, some generalized side effects can develop such as a headache, dizziness, insomnia, irritability, nausea, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, general weakness, increased sweating, and others.

If you experience any negative reactions and connect them with the cream use, make sure to inform your healthcare provider about them.

Overdose signs and treatment

When you order Generic Aldara you should know that it must be used only externally and should be kept away from children’s reach. In the single-time topical overdose the medication won’t cause any negative effects but if you apply an excessive amount of cream or leave it for a longer time than prescribed continuously, you can develop severe local skin reactions such as dermatitis, inflammation, ulceration, and others.
If the medication is accidentally taken orally it can cause nausea, muscle pain, low blood pressure and weakness, and fever though it is not life-threatening and doesn’t require emergency help unless you believe that your condition is worsening.

Where can you buy Aldara?


You can get the medication at your local drugstores but then you need to have a prescription at hands. We offer you to order Imiquimod made by a company that doesn’t advertise its medication widely and therefore sets a lower price. You will see no difference between the expensive branded and cheaper generic drug, we guarantee it!

Shipping of Aldara

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