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What is Feldene? How to Treat with Generic Piroxicam.

Drug description:
Generic Fedelene is used to treat pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and temporomandibular joint disorder. It belongs to the family of preparations called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. This is an oral drug that should be taken by mouth. Most likely this particular preparation blocks certain substances (cyclo-oxygenase enzymes) in our organism that are connected with the inflammation, but the exact mechanism of its action is not known. It is important to mention that it does not treat health conditions that cause symptoms of pain and inflammation, but only the symptoms themselves. Patients that want to use such preparation as Piroxicam 20 mg must visit their doctor and get his prescription first. You will not be able to purchase it if you do not have such prescription. This is needed because the medication may cause serious side effects and negative consequences if taken improperly or overdosed. If you are not a medical specialist, you will not be able to determine the dosage and course duration yourself. Doing this, you may cause unpredictable and detrimental consequences in your body. Never pass your drugs to other people.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Relief from Pain and Inflammation;
- Treatment of Arthritis Symptoms;
- Management of Acute Pain;
- Longer Duration of Action;
- Reduced Menstrual Pain;
- Muscle Pain Relief;
- Anti Inflammatory Effects;
- Like other NSAIDs, Feldene can be effective in reducing fever;
- Lowers inflammation and pain syndrome quickly and effectively.
Dolopic, Pirox, Artroxicam, Baxo, Bruxicam, Caliment, Erazon, Flogobene, Geldene, Improntal, Larapam, Pirkam, Piroflex, Reudene, Riacen, Roxicam, Roxiden, Sasulen, Solocalm, Zunden.
Feldene (Piroxicam 20 mg)
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Generic Feldene (Piroxicam 20 mg) guide:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory group of medications (agents) have an abbreviation NSAID. They act in few ways: reduce inflammation, lower temperature caused by inflammation and relieve pain, called out by particular health conditions. Different drugs that belong to the group have different structure, but the mechanism of work is the same – blocking of cyclo-oxygenase enzymes in the organism that are directly linked to the inflammation because they produce prostaglandins that regulate inflammation.

Generic Feldene decreases the painful syndrome of medium intensity. In case of joint inflammation it decreases of totally eliminates pain in motion and calm state. Usually, affected joints swell and become especially rigid after a night sleep and this preparation helps improving their state and the range of motion. Pain killing effect of Piroxicam starts half an hour after using it orally. Anti-inflammation effect becomes obvious at the end of the first week of its usage. The effect of one single portion of this medication stays for 24 hours long.

This preparation is effective in treatment of next diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, infection and allergic illness from the group of collagenases that strikes joints with progressive chronic inflammation, gout, pain in spine, backbone diseases, neuralgia, traumatic inflammation in soft tissue, pain in muscles (myalgia) disorder of menstrual cycle, inflectional diseases of upper respiratory tracts, and traumatic infection of musculoskeletal system.

Usage and dosage

Instruction and description

Proper usage of Generic Feldene prevents appearance of some severe or simply unpleasant side effects. The most common dose prescribed per day is 10-30 mg orally. If taken rectally, the dose increases to 10-40 mg twice a day. Each health issue treatment involves various dose and period of usage. Only the specialist is able to determine it for each patient personally. Do not try to indicate the dosage by yourself if you are not a doctor.

In treatment of severe gout, the primary dose of this medicine is 40 mg once per day first two days. Next 4-6 days the dose is 40 mg once or 20 mg twice a day. During the process of treatment, it is necessary to control the functional state of liver and peripheral blood picture. Complete the check-ups as frequently as your doctor recommends you.

To relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it is enough to take one 20 mg capsule once per day. This dose can be divided into two portions. The preparation’s active ingredient has a long half-life and it cannot reach steady-state blood levels for less than seven to twelve days. Thus, the most pronounced effects can be assessed in two weeks of uninterrupted therapy.

Prior to deciding to order Piroxicam, talk about all the pros and cons of its usage with the specialist and do all needed tests to find out your own reaction into its components and active agent especially. If you take these capsules for the first time, try the lowest effective dose for a short period of time. It will help you understand your personal reaction and interaction with the substance. Be aware of all possible side effects and contradictions before beginning the treating process. If any of listed below conditions begin to disturb you, visit your health care provider and discuss the issue with him.

Side effects and contradictions

Usage and dosage

The Food and Drug Administration of the USA warns that prolonged usage of this particular drug may lead to serious problems with gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems of the organism. People who use it are in risk to have myocardial infection, stroke (that can lead to fatal consequences), painful feelings in stomach, abdomen, large intestine, diarrhea, bleeding and perforations in gastrointestinal tract. These problems may appear right after start of the therapy or later in the process and without obvious symptoms.

In rare cases, taking Generic Feldene may cause kidneys and/or liver dysfunctions, skin rash, allergic itching, swelling of lower appendages, severe headache, excessive sleepiness or insomnia, hallucinations, changes in peripheral blood, depressions, decrease of hemoglobin level in blood, decrease of leucocytes in blood, decrease of number of thrombocytes in blood, irritation. If any of them are recognized, the patient should visit the doctor immediately. Sometimes, it is better to stop the course of treatment in order to avoid serious additional health problems.

Individuals with following medical conditions must be careful with this preparation and talk to the healthcare provider before choosing to buy Generic Feldene: erosion and ulcer in gastrointestinal tract, severe asthmatic reaction caused by taking aspirin, dysfunctions of liver and kidneys, pregnancy, breast-feeding, increased sensitivity to preparation and its ingredients.

It is not recommended to apply this medication at the same time with aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammation agents. Do not use the medication if you have had coronary artery bypass graft surgery; it may raise the risk of myocardial infection and stroke and lead to an untimely death.

Storing of the capsules

Side effects and contradictions

To avoid spoiling of the preparation, it should be stored properly in the most suitable place. Save the original package and keep the medication in it. Put the box in a dark, dry and cool place where the sunlight won’t reach it. Make sure that this drug is out of children’s’ reach. Patients under age of 12 may outlive severe consequences after taking it. Take this information to notice when you buy Piroxicam. Keeping it in the original package will help you indicate the day whey its shelf life expires. Do not throw away the instructions list, you may need it to recall important information. Do not give your medicine to other individuals even if they have the same or similar symptoms and pain syndrome as you do because they can be caused by an absolutely different condition and the use of this drug will only worsen the situation. 

Where to buy Generic Feldene online?


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