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Emulgel (Dicloflam): Fast Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Drug description:
Generic Emulgel 50 mg has the purpose to threat inflammation of ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles caused by such kinds of trauma as strains, bruises, sprains, and sports injuries. This preparation also is used for treating bursitis (localized rheumatic condition), soft tissue rheumatism and neck, back and shoulder pain. Millions of people suffer from such health conditions and seek help to eliminate all negative feelings. This preparation (also known as Dicloflam) is a topical anti-inflammatory gel that has power to relief all kinds of pain mentioned above and swelling. Patients that need such medicine do not need doctor’s prescription to buy it. Every important information about using, dosage, side effects and contradictions can be found in the added list of recommendations inside each drug-box. Some useful information can also be found in this article. Every pharmaceutical product has its active and non-active ingredients. An active ingredient of this particular medication is diclofenac that belong to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics. If you need it to treat your health problems, you should carefully read this article.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Movingel, Omnigel, Voveran Gel, Allvoran, Apo-Diclo, Assaren, Benfofen, Cataflam, Delphimix, Dichronic, Diclo-Phlogont, Diclo-Puren, Diclobenin, Diclord, Dicloreum, Dolobasan, Duravolten, Ecofenac, Effekton, Kriplex, Neriodin, Novapirina, Novo-Difenac, Nu-Diclo, Pennsaid, Primofenac, Prophenatin, Rhumalgan, Solaraze, Tsudohmin, Valetan, Voldal, Voltaren, Voltarol, Xenid.
Emulgel (Dicloflam 25 g)
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Generic Emulgel (Dicloflam 25 g) Medication guide:

Instruction and description

This preparation decreases the activity of both isomers of cyclooxygenases ferment and ruins the synthesis of prostaglandins from arachidonic acid. By acting this way, diclofenac decreases the amount of prostaglandins in the spot with inflammation. Patients buy Generic Emulgen because its application relieves pain, removes inflammation and prevents swelling. Using it in case of traumas helps regenerating connecting tissue, joint and ligaments cells and makes the process of restoration of damaged sinuses and muscles more rapid. Moreover, the water and spirt base of the preparation cools and relieves pain at the point of application. 

Instruction and description


Dicloflam 50 mg is available online almost in every drug store with good reputation. The preparation has bad absorbing into the general blood flow abilities if applied in locative way. The absorption doesn’t reach more than 6 percent. The general amount of diclofenac in blood is directly proportional to the area of preparation’s application. Using the occlusive bandage increases the absorption of the substance three times.

After getting to the systemic blood flow, the active ingredient, i.e. diclofenac perfectly joints with whites if plasma (mostly with albumin).  The semi withdrawal period is 1-3 hours. The substance releases with urine and through bile together with excrement. This is the approximate mechanism of action of this medication.

Some main health conditions that demand Generic Docloflam 50 mg usage are as follows: bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, other forms of rheumatic diseases of soft tissues. People who suffer from osteoarthritis of backbone joints often use this medication as well.

Dosage and Usage Recommendations

Dosage and Usage Recommendations

The dose (amount of drug used) and dosage (the duration of usage) depends on the disease that needs to be treated. Only adults and children of age 12 and more can apply this preparation. This powerful pharmaceutical product must be applied on clean and dry skin with a thin layer 3-4 times per day. Only the specialist is able to determine the period of treatment, but it does not have to last more than 2 weeks in case of soft tissue inflammation and 3 weeks in case of joints inflammation.

After the preparation is applied, the person who has done it should wash his or her hands with soap and water to avoid its contact with eyes, mouth and skin spots with injuries. Actually, it is also necessary to wash hands before the procedure as well. In case of contact of gel with eyes or other parts of the body, immediately wash it with water. If irritation does not disappear, seek medical help.

In the process of application, gently rub a small amount of this gel into the skin that surrounds the painful or swollen area. The amount of gel is determined according to the size of infected area that needs treatment. Sometimes producers provide their customers with special cards with lines. The amount of gel that covers the line is enough for applying. You can find such cards in the package.

After rubbing the medication into the skin, people usually feel pleasant cooling effect that helps relieving the pain. It is important to avoid putting the gel on spots on your skin that have wounds, skin rash, infections and burning injuries. Remember that the substance needs time to absorb. Wait for 10-15 minutes before putting on clothes and around one hour before taking shower or bath.

Side effects and contradictions

If you decide to buy Dicloflam, you should be aware of some slight and severe side effects that may possibly appear during usage of this particular pharmaceutical product. If you are not sure about your reaction on its active ingredients and other components, talk to your doctor. He may suggest a check-up and blood test to indicate pros and cons of the medication usage especially for you. It is recommended to do this even if you do not need the prescription and want to order Generic Emulgel online.

Each medication has its side effects. Even vitamins may cause severe reactions and allergies if overdosed or abused. The side effects of Generic Emulgel 5 mg may appear in case of improper usage of this preparation. Very few patients outlive them. They can be mild and severe, temporary and prolonged or even permanent. Some of them vanish with time (after few days) and others may need doctor’s help.

Report your health care provider if you notice next side effects: unusual sensitivity of your skin to sunlight, redness and itching of skin, problems with urination, heartburn, stomach disorders, allergic reactions (hives, swelling of face, tongue, lips and sometimes appendages), bleeding in stomach and/or intestines, vomiting with blood, excessive weakness and fainting. If any of these conditions appear, immediately stop applying the gel and call for medical help.
Sometimes redness of skin, itching and irritation appear in a process when the organism is getting used to the diclofenac. These symptoms will disappear in few days. If they do not disturb you much, wait for some time and unpleasant feelings will vanish, but do not stop using the preparation.

There are also some contradictions for applying this gel. One of health conditions that may make things worse is asthma. Diclofenac may cause troubles with breathing and in addition to asthma it is able to call out negative consequences. People who apply the gel should avoid driving vehicles because it may cause severe headache and dizziness; and in such condition driving can be dangerous to you and people around.

Pregnant women must visit the doctor and consult him before deciding to order Dicloflam. There are no obvious evidences that it is dangerous for both mother and unborn child, but it is always better to make sure. The same thing relates to women who nurse their babies. Absorbed amount of the substance may get to the milk and cause allergy. Do not apply the gel for children under age 12.

How to buy Dicloflam 50 mg?

How to buy Dicloflam 50 mg?

For people with arthritis and other health deprivations that have been mentioned above it may be painful to visit drug stores, especially if they live in the suburb and need to drive far to get what they need. Some drug stores may not even have this preparation. The best solution for such problem is shopping online. You do not have to leave your house in order to buy this gel or any other thing.

Searching for this preparation in the internet, you get a chance to compare prices and bonuses on several websites and select the one that seems the best for you. You can also visit the feedback section of our website and see what other customers think about it. Online consultant available 7 days per week and will help you if you have any questions. If you decide to order Generic Emulgel online, you’ll see that this is the best way of shopping.

Generic Emulgel 50 mg shipping by Rxshop

Generic Emulgel 50 mg shipping by Rxshop

Every product that you order from our company will get to the place of its destination safe and in shortest terms. If you need it in the United States, we offer you shipping via USPS; if you live in any other country near or far, you can use our world wide shipping service to receive your order. All you have to do is to fill the form and give us the address. If you wish, your package will arrive right to the door of your house, office or any other location.

Our customers also like our shipping with track service very much. You get a special code that will show you the location of your order at the moment. This will help you count the approximate date of your order’s arrival and feel calm about it. Every package can be tracked on or another postal services.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Dicloflam online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Dicloflam arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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