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What is Indocin? How to Treat with Generic Indomethacin.

Drug description:
Generic Indocin is one of the most effective nonsteroidal anti-inflammation preparations known. This is a strong inhibitor of biosynthesis of prostaglandins (biologically active compounds, produced in the organism). The prostaglandins in the body have multiple functions. One of them is to call out pain and swelling at the point of inflammation. This particular medicine has ability to kill painful feelings. It can be used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, moderate to severe osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis and in some cases ankylosing spondylitis. Every drug has its own active ingredient. The active component of this one is indomethacin. It belongs to next groups of medications: pain-killing anti-inflammation drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammation drugs. Take to notice that Indomethacin is able to eliminate pain, but it cannot treat that multiple diseases that cause it. Your doctor may suggest taking a complex of preparations to increase the effect.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Indocid Sr, Indomycin, Inmeycin, Amuno, Argun, Arthrexin, Artracin, Artrinovo, Artrivia, Bonidin, Bonidon, Catlep, Confortid, Dolcidium, Dolovin, Durametacin, Elmetacin, Hicin, Idomethine, Imbrilon, Inacid, Indomecol, Indomo, Indoptic, Indorektal, Inflazon, Metacen, Metartril, Metindol, Mezlin, Miametan, Mobilan, Novomethacin, Reumacide, Sadoreum, Vonum.
Indocin (Indomethacin 25 mg)
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Generic Indocin (Indomethacin 25 mg) Medication guide:

Description and instruction

Description and instruction

Indomethacin is an active and effective anti-inflammation medication that works efficiently in case of rheumatoid arthritis (progressive joint inflammation), periarthritis (inflammation of soft tissues around the joint), spine disease (spondylitis), osteoarthritis, gout, thrombophlebitis (inflammation of vein walls and their occlusion), and other illnesses characterized by inflammation.

Another reasons to prescribe and buy Generic Indocin are swelling with dysfunctions of proteins exchange, pain in spine, traumatic inflammation of soft tissues, neuralgia, inflammation of musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, diffuse diseases of connecting tissues, painful menstruations. Sometimes doctors prescribe   this preparation as additional drug in case of inflectional and inflammatory illnesses of ears, nose or throat), prostatitis, and cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). It is not recommended to give the discussed medication to children under age 14. The only case when it is unavoidable is curing of patent ductus arteriosus in premature children.

In application, the medication has fast absorption. Bioavailability in case of rectal way of insertion is 80-90%. The substance enters into breast milk. For this reason, women who nurse their infants should avoid taking these pills as well as pregnant women. It is acceptable to use Generic Indocin 75 mg during the pregnancy only if the obvious benefit overpasses possible negative consequences. The preparation can be purchased only by prescription of the doctor. Do not consider using it by your own judgement. Only the specialist is able to determine the best way for you to use this preparation.

Warning: All information about the discussed drugs given in this article is a short version of the original medication guide provided by manufacturers. It shouldn’t be taken as direct recommendations for usage. Only your health care provider is able to determine proper dose, treatment duration, and possible contradictions.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

Talk to your doctor about your personal dose and course duration. It depends on the stage of illness and other features that only the specialist can determine. The starting dose for adults in oral administration is 25 mg two or three times per day. If the effect is not obvious or not sufficient, it should be increased to 50 mg three times per day. The dose of 200 mg per one single day is maximum.

Follow you doctor’s instructions precisely. Do not increase the dose and treatment course duration if he has not approved this action. If the needed effect has been reached, keep taking the preparation for another 4 weeks in the same or less amount. If you must take it for a long time, the 24-hour dose should not be more than 75 mg (1 capsule). Specialists determine the portion of Generic Indocin and treatment duration for ophthalmological purposes individually.

Generic Indomethacin may interact with some particular medical conditions. If any of listed below health issues belong to you, tell your health care provider about it. These conditions are as follows: kidney problems, liver disorders, allergic reaction to any medicine, ulcers, bleeding, intestinal lesions, congestive heart failure, infections, seizures, mouth sores, or low levels of sodium in blood.

There are also definite pharmaceutical products that may interact with this particular preparation.

Tell your doctor if you take any of the following medications or groups of medicine:
- Captopril – risk of kidney issues;
- Warfarin or aspirin – risk of bleeding;
- Cyclophosphamide – risk of side effects appearance;
- Ofloxacin – risk of seizures;
- Metoprolol or furosemide – risk of decreased effectiveness in interaction with indomethacin.

Even if you do not find your type of medicine in this list, tell your doctor about the one, you take now or have been using recently. He will decide what to do and how to avoid negative consequences.

During the usage of the described preparation, take to notice some important characteristics that may call out negative effects. When you order Generic Indocin, remember that its active ingredient has ability to decrease the number of platelets (cells that form clots) in blood. For this reason, you should avoid bruising and injury. It can be hard to stop bleeding.

Because this substance may cause harm to internal organs, your doctor will suggest frequent tests. They include blood counts, blood electrolytes, and liver, kidney and lung function lab check-ups. It will help specialist monitor negative and positive changes in your organism and prevent severe side effects appearance. It is necessary to do everything that health care providers tell you and keep all determined appointments precisely.

Side effects

Side effects

Before you order Indomethacin read the information about all possible side effects of this preparation. They can be divided into few groups according to body systems they relate to. Side effects in digestive system may be as follows: abdomen pains, heartburn, vomiting, liver dysfunctions, anorexia, and stomach ulcers. Negative consequences related to nervous system may be headaches, nausea, insomnia, irritation, agitation, fatigue, and depression. From the side of sense organs you may feel noise in your ears, decrease of hearing, taste deprivation, diplopia, unclear sight, conjunctivitis.

Other possible side effects are next: heart disease, liver dysfunction, bleeding in stomach, large intestine or gums, skin rash, itching, leucopenia, swelling syndrome, and increased sweating.

To avoid any of these consequences, use the preparation properly. Do not overdose or change the prescribed drug portion without doctor’s permission. Take capsules after food to avoid stomach ulcers. Help swallowing only with water; do not drink alcohol with any pharmaceutical product.



It is necessary to keep the preparation in the proper location. It has to be dry, dark, and cool (room temperature) place not exposed to sunlight. The place must be out of children’s reach. Do not pass your drugs to other persons. The shelf life of capsules is 3 years. Do not use it after termination; it may lead to poisoning and side effects approach.

How to buy Generic Indocin 75 mg?

How to buy Generic Indocin 75 mg?

Inflammation is usually painful and causes high temperature. In such condition it is impossible to drive around the city in search of the medications you need. Many regular drug stores do not have generic products and sometimes even their originals are not available there. The best way to buy Indomethacin is to order it online. This option is preferable for millions of people because of few considerable benefits.

Online shopping gives you wider picture. You have an opportunity to monitor as many online drug stores as you wish and choose the one that seems the best for you. All this process usually takes around half an hour and you can do it without necessity to leave your house.  When you purchase goods online, you may save some money due to frequent bonus policies of selling companies.

Generic Indocin shipping by Rxshop

Generic Indocin shipping by Rxshop

There are people who do not want to buy things online because they do not understand the ways of getting there order to their location. It is not a problem in modern world. If you order drugs from our company, you gain some important services. In case if you live in other country or continent we will deliver your order with worldwide shipping, people from the United States get their packages by means of shipping via USPS. We will pack your order and deliver it right to your doors.

Take to notice that our company provides its customers with extra important service – shipping with track. You will get a special password or code that will help you follow you package on its way to you. Your order can be tracked on or another postal services.  Just make an order and we will do the rest.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Indomethacin online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Indomethacin arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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