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What is Diclofenac Gel? How to Treat with Generic Jonac.

Drug description:
Diclofenac gel is a popular formulation of the pain killer medication used for pain syndrome caused by trauma or rheumatoid diseases. At this webpage, we offer you to buy a generic version of this drug, i.e. the same medicine made by another company and sold under a name Jonac. You can use the medication for yourself or for a child who is older than fourteen. You can find out more about the doses and precautions from our comprehensive guide based on FAQ and the label of the medication.
Brand name:
Diclofenac Gel
Generic name:
- Targeted Pain Relief;
- Reduces Inflammation;
- Lower Systemic Absorption;
- Rapid Absorption for Quick Relief;
- Useful for Various Joint Pains;
- Minimizes Risk of Gastrointestinal Issues;
- Suitable for Chronic Pain Management;
- Helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in sprain, ligament rupture, and other traumas and rheumatoid conditions.
Voltaren, Voltaren gel.
Diclofenac Gel (Jonac 1% 30 g)
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Generic Diclofenac Gel (Jonac 1% 30 g) guide:

What is the medication available under the name Diclofenac Gel?

Diclofenac gel is one of the formulations of the world-known and widely used medicine used to treat bone and tissue inflammation as well as relieve pain syndrome. The active substance Diclofenac is available in various formulations: rectal suppositories, topical gels, and oral pills. It was developed first in 1966 and now is produced by multiple manufacturers and sold under the dozens of names. It is always cheaper to buy Generic Diclofenac gel that the branded medicine as so-called generics are the same medicines simply less advertised and sold cheaper.

When is Diclofenac Gel used?

Usage and Dosage

The medications based on Diclofenac are used in a variety of conditions but the gel formulation is a topical one which is used only for localized pain relief in an inflammation of joints, muscles, the ligaments and tendons of rheumatic nature or caused by an injury.

This medication’s formulation is available without a prescription and can be bought even without consulting a doctor as it is not ingested and therefore doesn’t react with other medications taken orally or injected and doesn’t influence the internal organs. However, if the pain you are trying to get rid of when you buy Diclofenac gel doesn’t go away within a week or is getting even more intense, you must visit a healthcare provider to undergo a physical examination and other tests to discover what causes the pain, do you have a fracture, rupture of tendon, or a chronic inflammatory condition, and so on.

How does the medication act?

The medication is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication that has pain killing, inflammation suppressing, and anti-fever action. The main mechanism that ensures these properties is the suppression of synthesis of prostaglandins.

In an inflammatory process caused by an injury or rheumatoid diseases, the medication causes the lowering of the pain syndrome, elimination of swelling of the tissues and acceleration of the functions restoring of the damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The painkilling effect of the medication starts to develop within one hour after the local use of the gel. Due to the water-alcohol basis, the preparation also performs a local anesthetic and cooling effect.

The volume of the acting agent that penetrates through the skin is commensurable to the area where it is utilized and the dose of the preparation as well as the level of skin hydration. For instance, after the utilization of 2.5 g of the substance on the skin area of 500 square centimeters, the level of Diclofenac penetration is 6%. The utilization of an occlusive dressing for ten hours leads to the triple increase in the penetration of Diclofenac.

After rubbing the gel on the skin covering the joints of the palm or knees, the substance is identified in the blood plasma, synovial membrane and fluid.

The active agent of the medication is accumulated in the skin that serves as a reservoir, from where the gradual release of the substance into nearby tissues takes place. Through the skin, the medication predominantly enters deeper inflamed tissues, such as joints, where it continues to act and is found at concentrations up to twenty times greater than in blood plasma.

The active substance is metabolized by hydroxylation with a formation of several phenolic derivatives, two of which are pharmacologically active, but to a significantly lesser extent than Diclofenac. It is excreted mostly in urine and the excretion time and amount do not depend on the liver or kidney function.

When must not you use Diclofenac gel?

Do not buy Jonac which is an analog of Diclofenac gel or any other analog of the medication if you are hypersensitive, i.e. allergic, to the medication’s components; suffer from bronchial asthma, skin rash or acute rhinitis occurred in relation to the use of aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines.

Do not utilize it during the last three months of pregnancy unless your doctor allows.

Interworking with other medicines and other types of interactions

Since the systemic effect of Diclofenac in a local skin application is unsubstantial, the likelihood of negative interactions with other substances is minimal.

Special recommendations for safe utilization

Side effects

When you buy Generic Jonac and start using it, you should follow these precautions to avoid doing any harm to your health: It is allowed to apply the gel only on the intact skin areas, avoiding contact with irritated, injured, cut, or infected skin. Do not let the gel get into your eyes and on mucous membranes. The ointment should not be swallowed. It is advised to render caution in concurrent use with oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines as though the probability of systemic negative reactions caused by Diclofenac is minimal, when used for big areas of skin and along with other oral anti-inflammatory drugs, their likelihood increases. The ointment has in its composition propylene glycol, which can lead to a slight localized skin irritation. In case you develop any skin irritation on the area where you applied the gel, stop using it immediately. It is not encouraged to use the gel under an occlusive dressing but it is possible to apply it under a non-occlusive bandage. In case of sprains, a bandage can be applied on the affected area.

Possible adverse effects of Jonac gel use


In general, the topical form is quite well tolerated. However, you should be prepared before you order Diclofenac gel that some of the adverse effects still can develop. They include temporary skin inflammation where the gel was applied, irritation and burning sensation, allergic skin reactions including rash, dermatitis, and others; bronchial asthma attacks, etc.

How to use Jonac gel?


Adults and teenagers older than fourteen years can use the medication three-four times a day gently rubbing it into the skin. The amount of the gel used depends on the affected area. Usually, 2-4 grams that are equal in size to a cherry is sufficient for 400-800 square centimeters of the skin. After the use of the ointment, it is crucial to wash hands unless you are using the gel for the traumas or rheumatoid diseases of the hands.

The duration of the therapy depends on the type of the condition and efficiency of the treatment. It is not advised to use the medication for more than two consecutive weeks. If the pain remains after this time, make sure to go to a healthcare provider to clarify your diagnosis and get a recommendation on the alternative treatment.

The gel use is not encouraged in children younger than fourteen years. If in children older than fourteen the pain syndrome with the use of the medication doesn’t go away within a week, it is necessary to go to a doctor.

Where to buy Diclofenac gel?

How to buy Generic Diclofenac Gel?

As the medication is sold without Rx in the majority of countries, we believe that you can get it at any local drugstore without prior visiting your doctor but if you want to pay less money for the same drug, you can order Generic Diclofenac gel from this webpage.

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