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Duphaston, or Dydrogesterone, is one of the leading women’s health drugs which is used for female fertility treatments and low progesterone levels. Find out more about how to take Duphaston, how to avoid side effects, and its benefits and cons as a treatment for fertility.
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Duphaston (Dydrogesterone 10 mg)
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Generic Duphaston (Dydrogesterone 10 mg) guide:

What is Duphaston?

Generic Duphaston is the brand name for the drug Dydrogesterone, a type of progesterone. Progesterone is one of the hormones found in women which is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle by preparing the body for pregnancy. In particular, progesterone causes the lining of the uterus to thicken and prepare for implantation of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the lining, then progesterone levels drop and the lining is shed (menstruation). Medication can be used for treating various women’s health conditions related to inadequate or unbalanced levels of progesterone.

This medication was first approved for use in 1961 and has since been approved in over 100 countries. Due to marketing issues, Dydrogesterone has been removed from the market in some countries. However, medication is still available in its cheap generic form Dydrogesterone.

Duphaston Indications

This drug is approved for treating the following conditions: dysmenorrheal (menstrual pain), amenorrhea (lack of a menstrual period for at least 6 months), abnormal uterine bleeding, insufficient lutea, preventing miscarriage, infertility, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, hormone replacement therapy (such as during menopause).

How effective is Duphaston for infertility?

Compared to placebo users, Duphaston users were more than twice as likely to become pregnant. Keep in mind that medication can only enhance fertility by causing a woman’s uterus to be more susceptible to implantation. This drug  does not guarantee that you will become pregnant. Infertility can be caused by numerous factors and Duphaston may not be the solution your specific problem. Always talk to your doctor about the possible causes of your infertility and the best possible solutions.

How to take generic Duphaston

Medication should only be taken exactly as prescribed by a doctor. The dosage instructions will differ on an individual basis depending on the condition being treated and other factors like the patient’s medical history. Typically,  is taken as 10 mg tablets 2-3 times per day. For some conditions, drug may only be taken during certain days of the menstrual cycle. Always take Dydrogesterone at equally spaced intervals of time, at the same times every day. It could take several weeks to months to experience benefits from medication.

Generic Duphaston Side Effects

The most common side effects of generic Duphaston are: headaches, feeling nauseous, dizzy spells, bloating, swollen breasts, and spotting. These side effects are not usually serious. In rare cases, Duphaston can cause liver problems. Get medical attention if you develop jaundice or severe abdominal pains. While there is no evidence that Duphaston can increase the likelihood of blood clots, other similar drugs do have a risk of blood clots. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heart attack and stroke and get medical help immediately should you experience them. If you have any unusual or alarming side effects, tell your doctor right away.

Unlike other types of progestogen women’s health drugs, Duphaston will not cause acne, voice changes, changes to genitals in fetuses, or impaired fertility in children. When taken as recommended, Duphaston will not change ovulation.

Who should not take Duphaston?

Duphaston should only be used by adult females unless specifically directed otherwise by a doctor. Patients should always make sure that their doctors know their full medical history before they take Duphaston as it may not be safe. Some health conditions, like liver problems or a history of blood clot problems, could be contraindicated for Duphaston.

Generic Duphaston Interactions

Never order Duphaston without first telling your doctor or pharmacist about all the medications, drugs, and supplements that you may take. They may cause a serious interaction with Duphaston. Particularly be sure that you tell your doctor or pharmacist about other women’s health drugs which you take. Never change your current medications while taking Duphaston unless your doctor specifically tells you to do so.

Do I need a prescription for Generic Dydrogesterone?

It is possible to buy generic Duphaston online without a prescription. However, it is always best to first consult with your doctor and get a prescription before you purchase Duphaston. This medicine may not be the best choice treatment for your needs. Further, Duphaston use should be monitored by a medical professional to make sure it is providing the best results.

Where can I buy Duphaston online?

You can buy Duphaston at many reputable pharmacies which sell women’s health drugs. However, Duphaston has been removed from some markets due to commercial reasons. If Duphaston is not available in your area, you will have to purchase Duphaston online. If you want to save money on your prescription, look for a cheap generic shop online. Generic Duphaston is sold under the name Dydrogesterone. When you order Duphaston online, you may not need a prescription but may be required to give your medical history.

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