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What is Evista? How to Treat with Generic Raloxifene.

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Evista is a brand name of the drug called Raloxifene. It is as well produced and marketed by other drug makers who have to register their own trade names for the medicine. These drugs are collectively called Generic Evista. These medicines are identical and are used for the same conditions such as prevention of bone thinning in women in menopause and prevention of breast cancer. The medicines cannot be used in childbearing age and in a number of conditions. Read our article about the medicine to find out more about precautions, dosages, and other useful information.
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Helps to avoid bone tissue loss and prevent breast cancer
Esserm, Poroxi, Keoxifene, Raloxifeno
Evista (Raloxifene 60 mg)
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Generic Evista (Raloxifene 60 mg) guide:

What is the preparation called Generic Evista?

Let’s start from the medicine you know as Evista. It is basically the drug known worldwide as Raloxifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator used for the prevention of certain conditions in women in the postmenopausal period and after hysterectomy (uterus removal). Evista is just a brand name registered and advertised by the large pharmaceutical company called Eli Lilly. But the same preparation is also produced and marketed by other drug manufacturers. They follow the same formulation and use the same ingredients but are forced to name their medicines differently not to violate the copyrights. The preparation can be found under the internationally unpatented name Raloxifene based on the main ingredient or named differently as the manufacturer wishes. However, the name of the main substance is always present on the box of the pills so that people who want to purchase the pills could check that they get the right medication. So where is the name Generic Evista comes from? In fact, it would be more correct to call the medications Generic of Raloxifene. It is a term introduced by the World Health Organization to help people find cheaper versions of the branded preparations. However, not all people know the name of the main ingredient but knowing that generics are usually cheaper they ask pharmacists for Generic Evista instead. In the countries where the medicine is marketed under this name, the pharmacists know exactly what to give their customers. In other countries, since the medicine is not sold worldwide, pharmacists may not know this name. But we, as an internationally operating online pharmacy, make sure our pharmacists know all brand and generics names. If you look for a way o buy Generic Evista, you can do it right on this web page and our pharmacists will gladly assist you in choosing the dosage and treatment regimens.

You may also wonder whether the generic of the branded medicine renders the same effect. And the answer is “Yes.” All medicines that are sold as generics correspond to the original formula. They have the same compound and render absolutely the same effect although they are priced much cheaper.

Whom the medicine is prescribed?

You can buy Evista if you are in the category of women who are at risk of developing osteoporosis (bone thinning) or invasive breast cancer. The preparation is appointed mainly to women who already entered the menopause, i.e. stopped their periods. The preparation is also used as a prophylaxis of negative consequences of uterus removal. Although we must warn you that even if you know precisely your diagnosis and it corresponds to the medicine’s label, you must consult your doctor first. First of all, it is important to make sure that you don’t have the contraindications for the pills use. Secondly, your doctor can decide that you need as additional examination to make sure that you are diagnosed correctly.

How is the effect of the preparation achieved? What it influences?

The preparation is a selective modulator of estrogen receptors. It selectively attacks estrogen-sensitive membranes. The medicine increases the level of globulins that bind sex hormones, thyroxine, corticosteroids, with a simultaneous increase in their total level in the blood. It normalizes the processes of bone resorption in the postmenopausal period, increases the mass of bone tissue, and reduces calcium loss through the urinary system. Besides, it also reduces total cholesterol.

How to take the pills?

Here we provide the data from the instruction available with the pills and in the drug’s encyclopedia. However, we strongly advise you to consult a specialist before you start using the pills even for the conditions listed on the label as you may be suffering from the conditions or take any medicines that can influence the potency and safety of Raloxifene.
- Osteoporosis treatment with the medicine is made with the intake of 60 mg daily in a single intake. It is also commonly advised to add more calcium and vitamin D-containing products in the diet or take the nutritional supplements with these substances to achieve the best results. The duration of the therapy is specified by a health care provider.
-Prevention of breast cancer is made with 60 mg dosages taken daily in a single intake. The duration of the therapy is specified by a health care provider.

Dosage reductions recommendations

Women with impaired liver or kidney function can buy Raloxifene and use the pills but they are recommended to use the medicine cautiously. It means that they can use the same dosages but should report any negative symptoms to their health care providers if they occur and monitor the indicators of the dysfunctional organs regularly.

Contraindications for the medicine use

Raloxifene is contraindicated in a number of conditions. For instance, as any other medicines, it must not be used if you feel any negative symptoms and especially allergy taking the pills as it means that you have a hypersensitivity to its components and the preparation is unsuitable for you. You should not buy Generic Raloxifene also if you suffer from thrombosis, thromboembolism (acute clotting of the blood vessel by thrombus including in the history), pulmonary embolism and retinal vein thrombosis, deep vein thrombosis, severe hepatic insufficiency, prolonged immobilization. Women of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding women as well must not use the medicine.

Can the medicine cause adverse effects?

There are probably no medicines that never cause any adverse reactions. Therefore, when you order Evista, you should be prepared that the preparation may cause adverse reactions. The most harmless yet unpleasant symptoms include flushing, dilating of the blood vessels during the first 6 months of the therapy, painful cramps of calf muscles, and general swelling. The dangerous side effects include deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolism, pulmonary vein embolism, and retinal vein thrombosis.

Considering that some adverse reactions can be fatal, it is important to inform your health care provider or seek emergency help in their occurrence. Moreover, you should consult your doctor about the symptoms of such serious conditions as deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolism, and others so that you are prepared if they start to develop and do not neglect them.

Can the medicine be taken with other preparations?

It is even advised to combine the drug with Vitamin D and calcium to achieve the best effect. However, the preparation can negatively interact with other medicines. For instance, it lowers the efficacy of coumarin derivatives.
Colestyramine lowers the bioavailability (i.e. the amount of the main ingredient that acts within the body) and blocks the intestinal-hepatic circulation of Generic Evista.
 Ampicillin lowers the maximum concentration of the preparation in the blood plasma.
You may not know that the medicines you currently use are included in one of the mentioned above groups. Therefore, we recommend you to notify your doctor about all drugs that you use before you order Generic Evista and start using the pills so he or she will be able to advise you to replace the medicines or increase the intervals of intakes, and so on.

Overdose with Raloxifene

The reports on the clinical trials of the medicine say that it is extremely hard to overdose with the drug as seriously that you would experience any side effects. But if you overdose significantly, you may start suffering from nausea, dizziness or cramps. There is no specific antidote. Therefore, you either need to wait till the symptoms disappear or seek medical assistance that would include symptomatic therapy aimed to reduce the symptoms only.

Where to buy Evista?

Considering that the medication should be taken for long periods of time, it would be wise to opt for a generic medication because it is cheaper. Nevertheless, you would still need to spend a lot of money on visits to your doctor for a refill Rx to get the preparation from a regular pharmacy. To avoid these unnecessary expenses, you can order Raloxifene at our online pharmacy. We not only offer the most attractive prices but also sell the pills without prescriptions.

Shipping of Raloxifene

We ship internationally via standard or express mail. You can get a calculation of the shipping cost if you enter your address details in the order form.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Raloxifene online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Raloxifene arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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