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What is Femara? How to Treat with Generic Letrozole.

Drug description:
Generic Femara is the same drug as the medicine marketed under the trade name Femara but simply made and sold by other pharmaceutical company. It is a medicine based on the main ingredient called Letrozole that suppresses the production of estrogens in the women’s body. It is specifically designed for women in post-menopause because it influences the amount of estrogens production affecting the primary mechanisms that start working in menopause only. The medication is used as an additional means in the treatment of breast cancer because it can possibly make the tumor more responsive to the conventional therapy. The medication cannot and must not be used as a single measure to treat the disease. Find out more about how it acts, what side effects it can cause, and so on, from our medication guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Adjuvant therapy of estrogen-dependent breast cancer in post-menopausal women.
- Effective in Reducing Estrogen Levels;
- Breast Cancer Treatment;
- Adjuvant Therapy: Femara is effective as adjuvant therapy, meaning it's used after primary treatments like surgery to improve outcomes and reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence;
- Extended Adjuvant Therapy;
- First Line Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer;
- Improves Survival Rates;
- Reduces Risk of Cancer Spreading;
- Helps to make the main cancer therapy more efficient and prevent metastases and growth of the tumor.
Femara (Letrozole 2.5 mg)
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Generic Femara (Letrozole 2.5 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Femara (Letrozole 2.5 mg):

What is Generic Femara?

Femara is a trade name owned by a certain pharmaceutical company that advertises the medicine in the U.S. which is why it is the most known name of the medication known internationally as Letrozole in the country. In fact, the medicine is available in all countries of the world but under different names. The reason for that is that other pharmaceutical companies are unable to use the same name for their preparations or they will infringe the copyrights and would be obliged to pay fines. These drug makers are able to manufacture the medicine because the formula is known for a long time already and no specific equipment is required to make the pills if they already have the facilities to make other preparations. All they had to do to apply for the license is to present their medicine for the approval and then come up with the new name that is not taken by another drug maker. Moreover, some manufacturers even sell the medicine under the name of the active substance, Letrozole.

What is Generic Letrozole?

You can buy Generic Letrozole if your health care provider prescribes you Femara. “Why is that so?” you may wonder. The thing is that it is a collective name for all of the medicines identical to Femara but made and marketed by other manufacturers. The medicines are identical but other manufacturers are able to set the lower prices for the drug because they do not widely advertise it. Moreover, to save even more, you can get the medicine abroad because even the generic drugs are quite expensive in some countries such as the U.S. Our online pharmacy is located in Europe and we sell high quality generic medicines at the prices several times lower than in the U.S. or the UK.

The name Generic Letrozole comes from the name of the active substance of the drug Femara. It is a name that cannot be registered yet it is known by all pharmacists around the world.

When should you start taking the medicine?

Obviously, it is wise to buy Femara or its generic when your health care provider tells you to do so because even if you think that your diagnosis falls into the indications for the medicine use, you probably don’t know about certain nuances that influence the effectiveness, suitability, and safety of the preparation use while doctors take into account all of these factors before appointing you the therapy with Letrozole.

The indications that the label of the medicine provides are:
- Early stages of estrogen-dependent types of breast cancer in post-menopausal women (as a part of combination therapy, it cannot replace the main treatment);
- Localized or metastasized breast cancer in post-menopausal women when the presence of positive receptors for hormones is unknown.

Usually, the medicine is prescribed even if the menopause was induced artificially and if the cancer progresses after the prior treatment with antiestrogens.

How to take Letrozole and for how long?

First of all, you must acknowledge that the preparation cannot replace surgery, chemotherapy or radiation if these treatment methods are appointed. The medication can only help suppressing one of the factors that influence breast cancer development. Therefore, when you buy Generic Femara, you must also undergo other treatment. It is also strongly recommended to follow the dosage regimen and duration of the therapy that your health care provider prescribes you.

In this article we provide the dosages and treatment schemes from the preparation’s label for information only. If the instructions of your oncologist are different, neglect the information provided here.

The daily dosage is 2.5 mg taken once a day. The treatment course duration can be up to 5 years or until the cancer remission.

Patients with metastatic cancer must take the medicine until the moment when the disease starts progressing even with the use of the medicine.

Precautionary measures

Remember that if you buy Letrozole according to your doctor’s instructions before the main therapy, your condition must be monitored constantly.

Elderly patients and women with mild to moderate liver dysfunctions do not require dosage adjustments.

The medication use can contribute to the development of osteoporosis (thinning of the bones). Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor the condition of the bone tissue during the therapy with Femara.

What is the mechanism of Letrozole action?

Generic Letrozole is a competitive non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that ensures the conversion of androgens (hormones synthesized in the adrenal glands) into estrone and estradiol in postmenopausal women. Taking into account that in some cases the growth of the malignant tumors depends on the presence of estrogens which during the menopause are mainly formed with the help of aromatase, the use of the preparation allows to lower the level of estrogens and create the conditions for the positive response of the tumor to the main therapy.

Use of the preparation during pregnancy

The medicine is strongly contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

When you must not use Letrozole?

Besides pregnancy and lactation, you must not buy Generic Letrozole if you suffer from intolerance of the medication’s components, endocrine status, which is typical for premenopause, severe liver insufficiency. The medication should also be very cautiously used in women with terminal kidney dysfunction and only if the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

What negative symptoms can the medicine use cause?

According to the clinical trials, the preparation is well tolerated by patients. Although, when you order Femara, you should be prepared that some negative symptoms can still occur as a result of deficiency of estrogens caused by the pills.

The possible adverse effects include urinary tract infection, frequent urination, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, depression, headache, sleep and memory disturbances, dizziness, cerebral blood flow disorders, reduction of visual acuity, taste disorder, cataract, eye irritation, tachycardia, elevated blood pressure, palpitations, thrombophlebitis, angina symptoms, arterial thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, nausea, vomiting, fluctuations of appetite and body weight, flushes, general weakness, and others.

If you experience any of these or other symptoms, you must consult your doctor in order for him or her to assess whether the benefit of the medicine use outweighs the general threat to the health.

Overdose with Generic Femara

There is no Clinical experience of the medicine overdose. Animal studies indicate a low risk of acute intoxication with Letrozole. However, if you accidentally took the bigger dosage and experience severe negative effects, you should seek medical assistance.

Combination with other preparations and substances

To date, there is no data on the safety of the medicine combination with other medicines used for tumors reduction.

Cimetidine and warfarin do not influence the effectiveness of the medication.

The medicine is slightly influenced by the use of benzodiazepines, anti-inflammatory drugs, furosemide, barbiturates, and omeprazole but the combined use is considered safe.
It is important to exercise caution in the combined use of Generic Femara with any preparations which metabolism in the body occurs with the participation of CYP2 C19.

Although in general the medicine doesn’t seriously negatively interact with other drugs and substances, it is still advised to consult your health care provider before you order Generic Femara and start using it along with other preparations.

Where to buy Femara cheap?

Considering that the treatment courses with the drug are up to 5 years, many women seek ways to get the medication cheaper if their insurance doesn’t cover the drug. Our online pharmacy is glad to inform you that we are able to set lower prices than the regular drugstores and won’t even ask you for the prescription when you order Letrozole. In such a manner, you can save not only on the pills but also on the visits to your doctor without compromising the quality of your treatment.


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Free prescription

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