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What is Ovral-L? How to Treat with Generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol.

Drug description:
Ovral-L is a combined hormonal contraceptive drug based on synthetic estrogen and progestogen. It is an effective and safe medication that helps prevent unwanted pregnancy, regulate menstrual cycle, reduce or completely eliminate menstrual cramps, hormonal acne, and premenstrual syndrome. However, as all hormonal drugs, it should be used only after consulting a specialist and taking all necessary tests.
Ovral-L (Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg / 0.15 mg)
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Generic Ovral-L (Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg / 0.15 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Ovral-L (Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg / 0.15 mg):

What is Ovral-L and when is it used?

Ovral-L is one of the trade names under which a combined contraceptive based on two hormones is sold. The main substances of the formulation are synthetic progestogen called Norgestrel, and Ethinyl Estradiol, a synthetic estrogen hormone.

There are two variations of the formulation – 21 pills and 28 pills in the package. The only difference between these formulations is 7 dummy pills in a 28-pill version so that they are taken without interruptions. The active pills, 21 in both cases, are taken every day at the same time. Then, a 7-day break is made and another package is started. 28-pill package does not require breaks, so when it ends, you should start the next pack the next day.

Contraceptive pills are very effective but they do not save you from sexually transmitted infections. Thus, you should buy Ovral-L and use it only if you have a long-term partner who is was tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI) before you started your relationship.

The advantages of taking combined birth control pills are that they also help regulating periods, reduce or eliminate menstrual pains and heavy periods, help avoiding ovarian cysts occurrence, and help curing hormonal acne.

Please be careful purchasing the drug online, there are other medicines with similar names and different effects. For instance, Ovral is a single-hormone contraceptive and the formulation used in menopausal hormone therapy. But for contraception, it is preferable to use a combined form.

We offer you to buy generic Ovral-L without a prescription but please consult your gynecologist first to be sure what kind of birth control is preferable for you. Other names of the medication are Cryselle, Lo/Ovral, Low-Ogestrel, Ogestrel, and others.

Comparison of contraception methods by effectiveness

Contraception method
Perfect use (the method is always used correctly)
Typical use (method isn't always used correctly, i.e. missed pill)
Long-active reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods (implants)
Contraceptive injection
Patch and ring
Contraceptive pill
Sterilisation (permanent contraception)
Male condoms
Female condoms
Diaphragms and caps
Natural family planning (a woman monitors and records different fertility signals during her menstrual cycle to work out when she's likely to get pregnant)

How does Ovral-L act?

The hormones contained in the pills interfere with conception in different ways. First of all, they do not allow ovulation to happen and without it pregnancy is not possible. Besides, they ensure the thickening of the uterine fluid which makes spermatozoa unable to reach an egg to fertilize it. The hormones also slightly change the lining of the uterus walls so even is the fertilization of an egg occurs, it cannot fasten to the uterus and is washed out of the body.

Who must not use Ovral-L?

You should not buy norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol in case:
- You are already pregnant;
- You are diagnosed with mammary gland cancer or your gynecologist suspects it;
- You are over 35 years old and smoke tobacco;
- Have severe heart or vessel diseases;
- You have known allergy to estrogens or progestins.

You should also inform your gynecologist during the consultation about such conditions as:
- Family history of breast cancer;
- Hormone-dependent tumor;
- Underactive thyroid;
- Diabetes;
- Low levels of parathyroid hormone;
- High cholesterol and lipids in the body;
- Proneness to swelling;
- Blood coagulation disorders;
- Predisposition to thrombi and blood clotting;
- Diagnosed or suspected major depressive disorder;
- Elevated arterial tension;
- History of heart diseases or events;
- Liver dysfunction or disease;
- Gallbladder disease;
- Recent surgery;
- Protein C deficiency disease;
- Migraine with aura.

How is Ovral-L taken?

There are two versions of the formulation – 21-tablet form and 28-tablet form.

21-tablet-form is taken for 21 days followed with a break of 7 days and then the next package is started.

28-tablet-form is used without interruptions, i.e. once you end 28 tablets, you start taking the next package right away.

The pills are marked in both forms. Empty pills in the 28-tablet-form are differently colored.

The pills are started to be taken on the Sunday after the start of your menstruation or on the first day of it.

If you haven’t been using any other contraceptives, it is strongly advised to use supplementary protection during the first seven days of the pills use as there is an insufficient amount of the hormones in the body from the pills to interfere with conception.

If you have been using other birth control medications, consult your gynecologist on how to switch to Ovral-L.

Remember that pills should be taken daily at the same time of the day. If you miss a pill and especially several pills, the chances of conception in unprotected intercourse significantly raise.

What adverse effects can Ovral-L cause?

When you buy norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, you may develop a range of adverse effects. Some of them are typical for the first days and fade over time and some are dangerous.

The non-dangerous side effects include:
- Nausea;
- Headache;
- Flatulence;
- Breast sensitivity;
- Mild swelling of the feet;
- Weight gain.

There also can be inter-menstrual blood-like vaginal discharges, particularly, in the first 2 months of the pills use and this is normal. But if they do not go away, or you lack menstruations for two months in a row or have any other adverse effects worsened – you should consult your gynecologist right away.

In the case you don’t have menstruations for two months you need to take a pregnancy test.

Rarely, the medication can cause severe adverse effects in case of which you should seek emergency medical assistance:
- Anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction that is suffocating you, you feel dizzy, or your face swells intensively;
- The potentially life-threatening condition is the formation of blood clots. If taking the pills you suddenly feel acute pain in the left arm, in the heart, severe dizziness, feeling like passing out, heat in the pelvic area, trouble breathing, slurred speech, severe migraine, enhanced sweating, weakness on one side of the body, vision impairment – seek emergency help.

The side effects that do not require emergency help but need medical attention are:
- If you find nods in your breast;
- You notice mood swings;
- Intense stomach or bellyache;
- Changes in your menstrual discharges, i.e. heavy period, extensive non-stop spotting, lack of periods, etc;
- Yellowing of the skin, dark urine.

Adverse Effects of different hormonal contraception methods

Progestin-only methods
Combined oral contraceptives, Nuvaring (ethinyl estradiol/etonogestrel vaginal ring)
Amenorrhea (lack of menstruation)
Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system), Implanon (single-rod etonogestrel implantable device), Depo-Provera (long-acting injectable depot medroxyprogesterone acetate), continuous-cycle combined oral contraceptives, Nuvaring (continuous use)
Combined oral contraceptives, progestin-only pills
Breakthrough bleeding
Low-dose combined oral contraceptives, extended-cycle regimens (especially those containing levonorgestrel), progestin-only pills, Implanon
Higher-dose combined oral contraceptives, Mirena, extended-cycle regimens with norethindrone, Ortho Evra (norelgestromin/ethinyl estradiol contraceptive patch), Nuvaring
Breast tenderness
Ortho Evra
Combined oral contraceptives with 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol or less, combined oral contraceptives after months of use, Nuvaring
Decreased libido
Very low-dose combined oral contraceptives (15 mcg of estrogen per day)
Depressed mood
Depo-Provera (possibly); hormonal contraceptives generally have no effect
Nuvaring (possibly); hormonal contraceptives generally have no effect
Headache (general)
All hormonal methods, especially in women older than 35 years
Headache (period-associated)
Extended-cycle combined oral contraceptives
Heavy menstruations
Depo-Provera, Implanon
Combined hormonal contraceptives (oral, Ortho Evra, Ovral-L, Nuvaring); low-dose combined oral contraceptives; Mirena
Hirsutism (excessive hair growth)
Progestin-only methods
Combined oral contraceptives (Ovral-L, and others)
Enhanced vaginal discharge
All other methods
Irregular menstruations
Implanon, Depo-Provera, emergency contraceptive regimens
Ortho Evra
Emergency contraceptive regimens with combined oral contraceptives, Ortho Evra
Nuvaring; no differences among combined oral contraceptives
Oily skin
Progestin-only methods
Combined oral contraceptives (Ortho Evra, Nuvaring, Ovral-L);
Weight gain
Combined hormonal contraceptives (oral, Ortho Evra, Nuvaring, Ovral-L); Mirena; progestin-only pills

Can Ovral-L be taken with other medicines?

When you buy combined hormonal contraceptives, you should know that their effect can be lowered by other drugs that can result in an unplanned pregnancy. Here you can find some of the most notable interactions but please consult your gynecologist first, before you start taking any medicines with Ovral-L.

- Rifampicin and Rifabutin are antibiotics that reduce the efficiency of oral contraceptives and are used to fight diseases like tuberculosis and meningitis. - Other antibiotics can also lower the effect of birth control pills by affecting intestinal flora.

- Medicines used to eliminate seizures can also jeopardize the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

Other medicines that can potentially lower the effectiveness of Ovral-L:
- HIV medications;
- Antifungal drugs;
- Antidepressants;
- Some herbal medicines.

Precautions for Ovral-L use

- Before you order Ovral-L, consult a gynecologist and get all necessary tests done to exclude risk factors which in the use of the formulation can be fatal.

- If you have any risk factors, your gynecologist must carefully assess the possible risks and benefits and give you the guidelines on what symptoms to pay attention to in order to detect any negative processes in the body timely.

- The risk of uterine cancer is elevated in persistent papillomavirus infection. There are some data that show an insignificant incidence of its occurrence raise in the use of oral contraceptives but the connection is not proven.

- The effectiveness of Ovral-L can be lowered in case of missed pills, different times of pills intake, vomiting and diarrhea, or when the drug is combined with other medicines.

- The formulation can cause irregular blood-like vaginal discharges especially during the first months of Ovral-L use. Thus, the assessment of menstrual irregularities should be made only after the third cycle during which the pills were used. If irregular menstrual-like bleedings continue or worsen after preceding regular cycles, a thorough medical examination is needed to exclude cancerous tumor or pregnancy.

Where can you buy Ovral-L?

At our online drugstore, you can find different drugs without prescriptions and at low prices because we specialize in generic drugs identical to the branded ones but priced cheaper. You can order Ovral-L and other medicines with free shipping if your order exceeds $199.

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Our doctor prescribes Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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