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What is Hytrin? How to Treat with Generic Terazosin.

Drug description:
Generic Hytrin (Terazosin) is identical to the brand-name drug Hytrin. The main indications for the drug use are hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia but the drug is also sometimes prescribed for heart failure and hyperlipidemia. The starting dosage of the medication is 1 mg taken once a day before sleep. Later, the dosage can be increased for a more pronounced effect. The drug can be also combined with certain medications with the similar effect but the selection of drugs should be made by a doctor to avoid negative interactions and life-threatening side effects occurrence. More detailed information about dosage regimens, contraindications, mechanism of action, overdose, and so on can be found in the medication guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers High Blood Pressure;
- Improves Urinary Symptoms in BPH;
- Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Events;
- Useful for patients who have both high blood pressure and BPH;
- Generally well-tolerated with fewer side effects compared to some other antihypertensiv;
- Improves Bladder Function;
- Minimal Metabolic Impact;
- Relaxes Blood Vessels;
- Managing blood pressure can also be beneficial for kidney health.
Terapress, Abbott 45975, Blavin, Flumarc, Fosfomic, Heitrin, Hytracin, Hytrinex, Itrin, Trazosin HCl, Urodie, Vasocard, Vasomet, Vicard.
Hytrin (Terazosin 1 mg)
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Generic Hytrin (Terazosin 1 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Hytrin (Terazosin 1 mg):

What is Generic Hytrin (Terazosin)?

What is Generic Hytrin (Terazosin)?

Generic Terazosin is a generic version of the brand-name drug Hytrin. It is an alpha-blocker and a medication that affects the metabolism in the prostate gland and corrects urodynamics.

What is the mechanism of action of Hytrin (Terazosin)? How does the drug act?

The drug renders lipid-lowering, vasodilating, and anti dysuric effects. It selectively blocks alpha-adrenergic receptors of smooth muscles in the celiac vessels, prostate and bladder neck, expands large resistive vessels and reduces systemic vascular resistance, activates the system of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone, relaxes smooth muscles of the bladder neck and spasms in the prostate, contributes to the minimization of dysuria (painful urination) in adenoma. Hytrin or Terazosin normalizes the lipid profile of the blood plasma, i.e. reduces the total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins, triglycerides, and increases the level of high-density lipoproteins. In the long-term use, the drug causes regression of left ventricular hypertrophy.

The hypotensive effect is observed in 15 minutes after a single dosage intake, in 2-3 hours achieves its maximum and maintains within 24 hours.

In benign prostatic hyperplasia, the clinical improvement of symptoms develops 2 weeks after the therapy start. The stable therapeutic effect is observed in 4-6 weeks.

When should the drug be used?

When should the drug be used?

You can buy Hytrin if you are diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, primary or secondary hypertension, first stage of heart failure, hyperlipidemia, and your doctor prescribes you a medication based on the active substance called Terazosin.

How to use Generic Hytrin?

It is better to use the drug as recommended by your doctor as he or she will consider your other conditions and symptoms for the right dosage.

The generally recommended dosages for Generic Hytrin (Terazosin) are:
- The treatment of hypertension in adults is started with 1 mg a day with subsequent increase to 5 mg or more (the maximum daily dosage is 20 mg) if no adverse reactions occur and the drug effect is insufficient. The pill should be taken before bedtime as after the pill intake it is recommended to lie in bed for several hours at least. The dosage increase should be made gradually, for example, first week of the therapy use 1 mg a day, during the second week - 2 mg, then 5 mg, and if necessary, after the third week you can use 10 mg a day;
- The treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is also started with 1 mg a day taken before sleep. The dosage can be also gradually increased with an interval of one week to achieve the best symptoms relief effect.

Hytrin (Terazosin) dosage adjustments

There is no sufficient data on dosage adjustments for people with liver or kidney failure. But if you started the therapy and then missed several days of intake, the therapy should be restarted with the initial dosage of 1 mg and subsequent gradual increase to the optimal dosage.

What are contraindications for the medication use?

What are contraindications for the medication use?

You must not buy Generic Terazosin if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have allergy or hypersensitivity to the drug’s components, for children, or if you suffer from hypotension (lowered blood pressure).

What adverse reactions can Hytrin (Terazosin) use cause?

When you start using the medication you have to be prepared that certain side effects can occur.

If you notice any of the below listed symptoms or other negative effects of the medication after the pill intake, inform your doctor immediately:
- Cardiovascular system: at the start of the therapy, hypotension including fainting can occur, rapid heart rate and tachycardia;
- Central nervous system: dizziness, headache, sleepiness, general weakness;
- Digestive tract: nausea.

Other possible adverse reactions include nasal congestion, vision impairment, swelling, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and others.

What combination of Hytrin (Terazosin) with other drugs can result in?

Here are listed the most common adverse reactions that occur in the combination of Hytrin (Terazosin) with certain medications. However, your doctor may think that other drugs are incompatible with Hytrin. Therefore, before you buy Generic Hytrin (Terazosin), make sure to tell your doctor about all medications and additives that you use or plan to use.

In a combination of Hytrin with beta-blockers, blockers of calcium channels, and angiotensin-conversing enzyme inhibitors, myotropic drugs, and drugs that depress the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, the risk of severe arterial hypertension arises especially after the first drug intake.

In combination with diuretics, dizziness can occur.

Antacids used to lower stomach acidity and adsorbents reduce the absorption of the medication.

Adrenomimetics weaken the effectiveness of Generic Hytrin (Terazosin).

What should you do in the overdose with Hytrin (Terazosin)?

What should you do in the overdose with Hytrin (Terazosin)?

The symptoms of the overdose include rapid heart rate, hypotension, postural hypotension, fainting, and others.

Once you realize that you overdosed, call the local poison line or emergency, lie down. If the symptoms are severe, hospitalization and injection of hypertensive drugs may be required. Hemodialysis is ineffective. There is no specific antidote for the drug; the treatment is only symptomatic with the monitoring of vital functions.

Is there a difference between the brand-name drug and the generic's effect and safety?

According to the World Health Organization, generic medications are identical to the brand-name products in dosage, effectiveness, method of administration, quality, indications for use, and mechanism of action. These are also medications that are marketed without being widely advertised. Generics usually enter the market after the exclusive patent of the original drug developer expires or if the law makes the drug developer to share the formula in case the drug represents a breakthrough in the treatment of a life-threatening disease.

Before generics are approved and started to be marketed, they are tested as well as the brand-name medications by the FDA or other authority similar to FDA but in the country where the drug is about to be marketed.
The drugs we sell are approved and widely used in a number of countries around the world. If Generic Hytrin (Terazosin) with the trade name that we sell isn’t on the shelves of your local pharmacies it is not because the drug is inferior. It simply means that its manufacturer decided to market the drug in other countries and avoid costly registration process for the U.S.

The main aim of the generics is to offer people with the lower incomes who cannot afford expensive brand-name drugs, which price is made up partially with the advertising, the same level of healthcare. Currently, even people from the developed countries prefer to buy generics instead of the widely-advertised drugs with known brand names as it is ridiculous to pay 10 times more money only for a recognizable name on the package of pills.

Where to buy Generic Hytrin (Terazosin)?

Where to buy Generic Hytrin (Terazosin)?

Though, currently, in the U.S. more and more pharmacies strive to offer their customers not only expensive brand-name drugs but also generics, they still are more expensive than in other countries. There are a lot of reasons for that. For example, it is an expensive and long process to get the drug approved in the U.S. because of bureaucratic red tape. Secondly, it is expensive to import the drugs in the country because of multiple taxes. Thirdly, for the majority of even harmless drugs people need to go to their doctors to get a prescription while in other countries all they need is simply go to the nearby drugstore. Hence, it is better to buy Generic Hytrin (Terazosin) from another country.

Fortunately, you don’t even need to travel anywhere; you can order the drug from your home, office, on the way to the gym, and so on. We sell the drug over-the-counter in accordance with the law of the country we operate from. You may wonder if it is legal to receive the drug by mail. Yes, it is, as long as you don’t sell it and buy the pills for personal use only.

Hytrin (Terazosin) shipping options

Hytrin (Terazosin) shipping options

Rxshop is an online pharmacy that operates for many years already. We strive to expand our network and offer shipping to all locations. The shipping to the U.S. is made via USPS with tracking numbers. In order to save on the drugs you buy even more, you can either choose standard delivery, or order drugs for 199 dollars or more per one shipping and we will cover the delivery cost.

We also offer discounts and bonus pills for our new and loyal customers. Find out more about our policies, special offers, and certificates in the Frequently Asked Questions section or contacting out customer support managers.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Terazosin online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Terazosin arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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