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What is Cozaar? How to Treat with Generic Losartan.

Drug description:
Cozaar or Generic Cozaar (Losartan) is a medication used primarily to cope with increased blood pressure but it is also effective for myocardial hypertrophy of the left ventricle and nephropathy in patients suffering from diabetes type 2. The drug is safer for people with diabetes than other blood pressure medications as it doesn’t negatively interact with insulin and other drugs used for diabetes treatment and management. The standard starting dosage is 50 mg but sometimes it needs an adjustment based on your conditions. For a more pronounced effect, it can be combined with certain diuretics that do not influence potassium levels in the body. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. Find out more information about drug interactions, contraindications, and dosage regimens from the med guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers High Blood Pressure;
- Delaying the progression of kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension;
- Improves Heart Function;
- May reduce the risk of stroke in patients with heart disease;
- Reduces Left Ventricular Hypertrophy;
- Offers an alternative for patients who cannot tolerate ACE inhibitors.
Cosart, Cossart, Losagard, Lospot, DUP 89, Hyzaar, Lacidipine, Lortaan.
Cozaar (Losartan 25 mg)
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Generic Cozaar (Losartan 25 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Cozaar (Losartan 25 mg):

What is Generic Cozaar (Losartan)?

What is Generic Cozaar (Losartan)?

It is a potassium salt-based medication used orally to cope with hypotension and some heart conditions.

What is the mechanism of action of Cozaar (Losartan)?

Generic Losartan is a selective antagonist of angiotensin II receptors that are found in various tissues and organs in the body including smooth muscles lining the blood vessels, arteries, kidneys, heart, and adrenal glands.

The drug does not suppress the activity of angiotensin-conversing enzyme that transforms type I into type II and is also ruining bradykinin. It also doesn’t provide any inhibition effect in the receptors of other hormones or ion channels that play role in the regulation of cardiovascular system. The effect is achieved through the inhibition of physiological effects of angiotensin II: lowers the systemic vascular resistance, concentration of norepinephrine and aldosterone in the blood, the general blood pressure and the pressure in the "small" circle of blood circulation (from the right ventricle through the lungs to the left atrium); reduces afterload in the heart and has a diuretic effect.

The brand-name drug Cozaar and Generic Cozaar (Losartan) prevent the development of myocardial hypertrophy, increase the tolerance towards physical exercises and load in general in people with congestive heart failure.

After a single intake, the hypotensive effect achieves its peak six hours after the pill use. Within the following 24 hours the effect gradually reduces till the complete elimination. The maximum stable hypotensive effect is achieved 3-6 weeks after the therapy start.

When should the drug be used?

When should the drug be used?

You should buy Cozaar if your doctor appoints you Cozaar or other medication in which the substance responsible for the effect is Losartan. If you already have the pack of pills bought with a prescription, you can check the active substance name below the trade name of the drug. If it coincides with Losartan you can buy the generic version and use it as prescribed by your doctor for arterial hypertension as a single therapy or combined with other drugs including diuretics; myocardial hypertrophy of the left ventricle to reduce the risk of heart stroke; nephropathy in patients suffering from diabetes type 2 in the elevated concentration of creatinine and proteinuria (with a urine albumin/creatinine ratio ≥300 mg/g).

How to use Generic Cozaar?

If you have precise indications from your doctor on how you should take the pills, follow his or her appointment without regard of the instruction.

If you don’t have a recommendation from your doctor, you can use the drug as said in the label but first make sure that the drug is not contraindicated for you:
- For the therapy of arterial hypertension, the usual dosage for adults with normal kidney function is 50 mg once a day regardless of the meal. If a patient has a decreased volume of circulating blood, for example, due to diuretics use, as well as for people with impaired liver function, the starting dosage should be 25 mg per day. If the drug is well tolerated but the effect is insufficient, the dosage can be increased up to 100 mg a day in a single intake or divided into two dosages. If the effect of the drug is still insufficient or the dosage increase is not advisable for a particular patient, a doctor can prescribe to use along diuretics such as Hydrochlorothiazide;
- To lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortality rate in patients with arterial hypertension and hypertrophy of the left ventricle, the treatment should be started with 50 mg a day with subsequent increase of the dosage or introduction of diuretics into the therapy;
- For the nephropathy treatment in diabetes type 2 with proteinuria, the initial dosage is 50 mg a day with subsequent increase of the dosage to 100 mg a day. Unlike other hypotensive medications, Cozaar (Losartan) can be used at the same time with insulin and other medications for diabetes treatment without fear of severe side effects.

Cozaar (Losartan) dosage adjustments

Cozaar (Losartan) dosage adjustments

Elderly patients and people with impaired kidney function including those who undergo hemodialysis do not require dosage adjustment.

The starting treatment course dosage for people with congestive heart failure is 12.5 mg taken once a day. Usually, it is possible double the dosage every week. For example, the second week of the treatment can be started with 25 mg once a day, the third week with 50 mg, and the maximum 100 mg can be used if no side effects or contraindications arise starting from the third week.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

You should not buy Generic Cozaar if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have allergy to one or several components of the drug. The drug is also contraindicated for children below 18 years of age.

If you got pregnant while using the drug, you should stop taking it immediately.

The drug should be cautiously used (in lower dosages and under a doctor’s supervision) in arterial hypotension, lowered volume of circulating blood, water-salt imbalance, renal/hepatic insufficiency, and hyperkalemia.

What side effects can Cozaar (Losartan) cause?

Before you Order Cozaar, be prepared that the medication can cause a variety of adverse reactions about which you should tell your doctor immediately as you notice them: dizziness, somnolence, headache, vertigo, rapid heart rate, hypotension, abdominal pains, constipation, rash, swelling, tiredness, and others.

What reactions can occur in combination of Cozaar (Losartan) with other drugs?

What reactions can occur in combination of Cozaar (Losartan) with other drugs?

The drug is contraindicated to be combined with Aliskiren in patients with diabetes or moderate to severe kidney insufficiency (creatinine clearance less than 60 ml per minute).

Other drugs used to treat hypertension, tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotics, baclofen and amifostine can increase the blood lowering effect of the drug.

Cozaar’s effect is lowered when the drug is combined with Flucanazole and Rifampicin.

Simultaneous use of the hypotensive drug along with other drugs that contribute to the potassium retention in the body such as potassium-preserving diuretics, as well as potassium supplements, can increase the concentration of potassium in the blood and cause hyperkalimia.

When Lithium is used along with Cozaar, the toxic effect of the first drug is increased.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the hypotensive effect of the drug and can also cause renal failure.

What should you do in the overdose with Cozaar (Losartan)?

The signs of the overdose are lowered blood pressure (below norm) and tachycardia. The treatment of the overdose depends on how much time had passed after the increased dosage intake. The priority is the stabilization of cardiovascular system work.  As soon as you realize that you overdosed, you should seek immediate medical assistance and take activated carbon in the dosage suitable for your weight.

Is there a difference between the brand-name drug and the generic?

The brand-name medication and generic are identical. They are made using the same formula and ingredients but are simply manufactured by other companies and frequently in different countries, hence the difference in price.

Where to buy Generic Cozaar (Losartan)?

Where to buy Generic Cozaar (Losartan)?

To get the drug without a prescription and at a lower price, you should purchase it from an online drugstore situated outside the U.S.

We offer you to buy both brand-name drug and generic version of the drug that are sold at your local pharmacies much cheaper. We are able to sell the drug without Rx because we are located in the country where the medication is sold over-the-counter.

Cozaar (Losartan) shipping by Rxshop

Cozaar (Losartan) shipping by Rxshop

Once you choose the drugs you want to buy, you also have to choose the shipping option. We offer you standard and express USPS shipping. Both options include tracking numbers yet standard shipping takes up to 25 days to arrive. With such drugs as Cozaar (Losartan) that need to be used permanently, it is reasonable to order pills in advance before you finish your previous package. Ordering 2 or more packages at once you can also enjoy free shipping. Find out more about our shipping policy and pricing in the FAQ section.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Losartan online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Losartan arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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