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Generic Hepcvir or Sofosbuvir is the first drug that has demonstrated safety and efficacy for treatment of certain types of hepatitis C without interferon. Hepatitis C can lead to severe liver damage, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. The drug is based on inhibition of RNA polymerase which uses the virus to replicate its RNA. Generic Hepcvir or Sofosbuvir has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a part of combination therapy. Clinical data on the use of Generic Hepcvir in patients with genotype 5 or 6 is limited. Data on the effectiveness of the drug in patients with co-infection of hepatitis and HIV is not available. Solvadi pills taken every day help about 90% of patients in just 12 weeks. The response to treatment depends on the starting characteristics of the host and the virus. Hepatitis C treatment program depends on the type and severity of the disease.
Cipla Sofosbuvir Hepcvir 400 mg Cipla
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Hepcvir (Sofosbuvir 400 mg)
Hepcvir (Sofosbuvir 400 mg)
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Generic Hepcvir (Sofosbuvir 400 mg) guide:

Important about Hepatitis C and Sofosbuvir

According to the World Health Organization, from 150 to 185 million people are infected by hepatitis C and 350,000 die each year from diseases associated with it. Most people infected with hepatitis C have no symptoms of the disease until liver damage becomes apparent. This process can take several years. An interesting fact that only 3 people out of 10 carriers of hepatitis C virus are aware of this and the rest do not even know about it. Over the years they suffer from some symptoms like fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, but do not even know that they are the source of infection. There is no vaccination against hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C virus is a severe chronic liver disease, which can lead to development of cirrhosis and liver cancer. The virus is spread by contact with blood. Hepatitis C enters the liver cells, begins to proliferate and replaces the cells by fibrous tissue. Until recently, the disease was considered as incurable. Today, modern therapy of hepatitis C allows patients to get rid of viruses.

There is a real revolution in the treatment of hepatitis C. With the advent of new, modern medicines the percentage of success in the treatment of hepatitis C will reach 90% -100%. FDA approved the drug Solvadi as a means to treat chronic hepatitis C.

Methods of treatment and Side effects

There are 7 different genotypes of hepatitis C virus and the treatment depends on the type of genotype. The majority of patients with hepatitis C have genotype 1. This genotype is the most common and most difficult to cure. Until recently, the only treatment for hepatitis C was a combined antiviral therapy with alfa-interferon and ribavirin. Its efficiency is approximately 75%, but this treatment has serious side effects: anemia, leukopenia, heart failure and depression. The prognosis is usually favorable if treatment was started on time.

Solvadi is significantly better tolerated but infected people still suffer from intense side effects of medicines, for example, symptoms similar to flu or depression. Side effects are generally less pronounced when you take Solvadi.
The action of Hepcvir is based on specific blocking of protein that is required for the replication of hepatitis C virus. Solvadi should be used as a circuit component of antiviral drug combinations for the treatment of chronic infection HCV. There are several different types of HCV infection. The treatment regimen may include Hepcvir and ribavirin or Hepcvir, ribavirin and peginterferon alfa depending on the type of hepatitis C. Ribavirin and peginterferon alfa are two drugs that are also used for the treatment of hepatitis C infection.

Treatment of hepatitis C by Solvadi gives a positive result (94-97% of patients recover completely). Depending upon the genotype, duration of treatment may vary but on average it takes 12 weeks. If the patient has genotype 1, Hepcvir should be taken in combination with ribavirin and peginterferon alfa. Cure rate is 89%. The same rate is applied with genotype 4. Almost 96% of patients get cured. If the patient has genotype 2 or 3, Solvadi should be taken with ribavirin and cure rate reaches 93% and 84% respectively.

The virus is almost completely destroyed after 12 weeks of treatment. In other words, this means full functional recovery. The results of treatment with Hepcvir can be known at the end of the course. On average, its duration takes about three months. It is incredibly fast, given that the conventional treatment takes an average of about 12 months, while a positive result is very rare. Hepatitis C treatment program is made for each patient individually depending on the results of diagnostics: blood tests, liver ultrasound, FibroTest, computed tomography of the liver. The patient should get tested at the end of the course to confirm the absence of virus in the blood. The great advantage of Solvadi is that the drug practically does not give side effects. It should be administered orally, in contrast to interferon, which is administered by injection. The drug should be taken for 12 weeks, each day by one tablet.

Clinical trials of Solvadi

Efficiency of Hepcvir has been proven by the results of six clinical trials, which involved 1,947 patients who have not received prior treatment for their disease or respond to previous treatment, including patients infected with hepatitis C and HIV.

An indicator of the success of the test was a sustained virologic response, confirming the absence of hepatitis C virus in the blood for at least 12 weeks after completion of treatment.

Results of the clinical trials showed that the regimen comprising Hepcvir or Sofosbuvir was effective in the treatment of many types of hepatitis C virus. Furthermore, Solvadi demonstrated efficacy in participants who could not take interferon and in patients with liver cancer awaiting liver transplantation.

The most common side effects reported by clinical trial participants who received Hepcvir and ribavirin were fatigue and headache. Among participants who received Generic Hepcvir or Sofosbuvir, ribavirin and peginterferon alfa, the most frequent negative effects were insomnia, headache, fatigue, nausea and anemia.


It is not recommended to be engaged in activities that require attention and speed of reaction during reception of Geenric Hepcvir. Pregnancy is undesirable if Hepcvir or Generic Sofosbuvir is used in combination with Ribavirin and Interferon alpha.

Interaction with other medicaments

Application of Generic Hepcvir or Sofosbuvir with other antiviral drugs can be permitted only if benefits outweigh possible risks. It is not recommended to take Solvadi in combination with telaprevir and boceprevir. It is not adviced to take this drug in conjunction with drugs that are strong inducers of glycoprotein in the intestine (Hypericum, rifampicin, karbamatsepin and phenytoin).

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