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Beautiful hair is the must-have today. Women and men try all possible methods to keep it thick and shiny. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from excessive hair loss and cannot overcome this problem even buying the most expensive shampoos, balms and conditioners. If you see that your hair loss becomes uncontrollable and you lose more than 100 items per day, immediately visit the doctor and tell him about your problem, The sooner you start the treatment, the better it is for your hair. The specialist will definitely prescribe you one of the most effective drugs Finasterid. This preparation has enough power to stop hair loss and promote the growth of new one. This drug belongs to the type II 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors that block their activity and decreases level of dihydrotestosterone, which leads to the excessive hair loss. Most commonly, this preparation is prescribed for men with this particular problem. Patients, although, prefer to buy Generic Finpecia instead of its brand name original because having the same effectiveness and all other features, it is way cheaper and tolerant for their pockets.
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Finpecia (Finasteride 1 mg)
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More facts about Generic Finpecia (Finasteride 1 mg):

Generic Finpecia (Finasteride 1 mg) guide:

General Information about the drug

General Information about the drug

Due to the mechanism of its action that was described above, Generic Finpecia is the most popular drug among people with hair loss problem (that is also known as alopecia). It just prevents conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosteron). Men who start losing their hair at age 30 approximately find the only help in this drug. Taking these tablets for about three months, they notice the efficient and positive difference. Because the conversion of testosterone into DHT is mostly influenced by an enzyme that is also known as alpha II reductase, this preparation blocks this detrimental action. Thus, follicles stay undisturbed and hair remains thick and healthy. Besides, new healthy hair begins to grow, reducing bald spots on your scalp and making your appearance better.

Of course, we are not talking about miracles here. The entire process of regrowth and treatment may take a year and more and every person who decides to fight the problem of alopecia must also have a great patience. Of course, it is worth it. Comparing to the procedure of placing hair into bald spots by means of surgery that takes about the same period of time (because pauses between several procedures are 9-12 months) or even more, taking drugs is much better. First of all, it is not painful. After each operation, patients feel pain in the scalp that may be very disturbing. And also, preparation is less dangerous than surgery because it doesn’t cause a risk of infection.

Usage and dosage of the preparation

Usage and dosage of the preparation

Every patient should remember that this is a pharmaceutical product that must be taken strictly after the instructions of the doctor or the medical guide found in the drug container. Only the specialist can determine your personal dosage and you must follow it precisely to avoid side effects and unpleasant consequences. The standard dosage of this particular preparation (both original and generic) is 1 mg taken orally. Use Finasteride 1 mg once per day with the full glass of fresh water, no gas. You may take it with food or without food, it doesn’t make any serious difference.

If you prefer to order Finasteride or its generic version online, first address the online consultant who is available 24/7 if the website is reliable and professional. It is very important to keep his instructions if you do not have any other recommendations. You may also test your reaction on the drug. Take a half of the pill and wait about an hour to see if there are any side effects.

It is extremely important to use the preparation at the same time each day and to maintain the entire course of treatment. If you have missed the pill, try to take it as soon as possible. It is strictly forbidden to use double dosage. This action will not help you; it may cause damage to your organism and call out severe side effects and consequences. Usually the course of treatment takes about one year, but if you see no positive difference after this period of time, stop using the drug.

How to keep the medicine properly?

Keeping drugs is as important as taking them. Improper place exposed to sunrays may lead to its spoiling. Taking spoiled medicine is extremely dangerous and may even cause death. Keep Generic Finpecia or original Finasteride (or any other pharmaceutical product) in the dark, cool and dry place. Do not throw away the original package. You may forget some information about it that you may need to recall later. Most companies place the shelf life of their products on the outer box and knowing the date when you cannot use the drug anymore is very important.

If you have children, keep drugs away from them. The dosage that will not do harm to an adult may cause severe side effects and allergies in small children whose organisms are not used to medications. If you have any leftovers, use the give back program. People there know how to utilize drugs safely for other persons and environment.

Side effects of Generic Finpecia 1 mg

Side effects of Generic Finpecia 1 mg

Side effects appear when the organism tries to adjust with the preparation, in case of the overdose, or when the drug is taken improperly. If the organism is just getting used to the new substance in blood, ill feelings will disappear after few days and never come back again. In other cases if these feelings are more and more desorbing, sometimes it is better to visit the doctor.

Side effects of Generic Finpecia are as follows: headache, runny nose, dizziness, swelling of lower and/or upper appendages, and nausea. Depending on the organism, they may be more or less disturbing and intensive. These listed above side effects are mild and not serious, but there are also more dangerous and unpleasant ones. They may be painful and prolonged. Serious side effects of the preparation are as follows: chill, hives, impotence or decreased libido, confusion, cold sweats, itching, rapid weight gain or unusual loss, redness of skin and few others. If any of these are detected, immediately visit the doctor for medical help. The specialist will prescribe you preparations or procedures that will eliminate unpleasant feelings. If it is necessary, he may change the method of your hair loss treatment and offer you injections or surgery.



As any other pharmaceutical preparation, this one may come into reaction with other medications or have negative impact on the organism if you suffer from some particular diseases. Your organism may also not tolerate its ingredients.

For these reasons every patient should visit the doctor and tell him about his or her health conditions, allergenic reactions and drugs used at the time. Inform your health provider if:
- You are an older man (age 60 and more);
- You suffer from liver disorders;
- You are pregnant or breast feeding;
- You use any other drugs to treat any other health conditions.

Even if you decide to order Generic Finpecia online, you should make sure that it is safe for you personally, even if multiple comments and feedback on the website claim it to be completely safe.

How to Buy Generic Finpecia 1 mg?

How to Buy Generic Finpecia 1 mg?

You may find this effective preparation in many drug stores in the United States or Canada, but not in every single one. People who need it may spend hours of their precious time to find this preparation. Those, whose time costs money, will agree that this is not the best way to buy Generic Finpecia. They also do not fancy the idea to call all possible drug stores in the city to monitor the price and availability of the preparation.
Due to modern technologies, online drug stores become more popular way to buy medications, than regular ones. If you need to buy this particular preparation you should simply use any search service and then choose the best option. You will be able to monitor prices and interesting offers from large companies in few minutes.

Generic Finasteride 1 mg shipping by Rxshop

Generic Finasteride 1 mg shipping by Rxshop

Many people have doubts talking about online purchases of goods because they do not understand the mechanism of their shipping. Rxshop offers only best ways to receive your order fast and safely using world wide shipping and USA shipping via USPS. When you order your product (medication in this case), we pack it in safe packages and send it to you in a short terms, giving you opportunity to follow the order by means of shipping with track option. Our customers’ orders can be tracked on or another postal service. This service helps people make sure that their product is on its way. Any kind of goods (allowed by government) can be reship by our company. We take care about our customers, their property and information that is never passed to other people or organizations. Rxshop offers fast and safe shipping of you order. If you have questions, contact us via e-mail or by the phone.

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